testing, 123 testing

so- it’s me.  the girl who absolutely hates needles!  the one who had to hear pretty much since i’ve been of childbearing age (if not sooner)—  you don’t like needles??? well, you better not have a baby!!

i’m the one who needed xanax to get thru some facial stitches.  grant it, it was 27 in my nose and mouth… but i truly couldn’t handle it!

aaaaaaaaaannnndd now i’m pregnant.

to prepare for pregnancy, i got my tetanus shot this summer.  i was such a wreck about it that afterwards i almost passed out!  that’s ok. i made The Mr. get one too.

so i was understandably pushing that first dr’s appt out of my mind.  when we got there, i was so scared.  it kinda interfered with my seeing little bean (and what a little speck of a bean that first time)…

thank goodness i got a nice lady who uses a “newborn” needle on me.  AND she can find my vein easily.  (i’ve got good veins)


  1.  had to do the prelim blood work and stuff…….  hey, y’all i don’t have HIV!                  
  2.  b/c i have family members that are facing diabetes, i had to get a glucose screen early.  that doesn’t mean i’m exempt later, tho. — goodie.                                                       
  3. when i go back, i need to be tested for toxoplasmosis.  b/c i forgot to tell my dr. the first time that i have “kittens”  (maybe i’ll call them cats when little bean gets here?)

i hope there’ll be a time where i get to go to the dr and NOT get tortured tested.

and for those of you wondering:  no, it’s not that bad.  and yes, i fear it less each time. but that doesn’t mean i like it any better. 


One Response to testing, 123 testing

  1. Meredith says:

    I’m glad you got to see the baby. I don’t remember getting poked too, too much. I’m not too bad about needles, though. The only one that really hurt was the RhoGAM. If you have positive blood, then you don’t even have to worry about it. The glucose test wasn’t super fun either. More for the really thick drink than anything else.

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