Interpretive Reproduction

For the those who like Lord of the Rings:
Deep in the nether regions of my wife’s abdominal cavity, there grows a small organism; one created from a coagulation of sorts of various cells, feeding on her own nutrients created for her own body, festering until it is fully incubated and is forcibly spawned into the world.  We anxiously await it’s arrival, but do not yet know if it is male or female.

For the Transformers:
The human equivalent of the All Spark has been initiated and is currently waiting to join the battle of good vs evil.  As you and your fellow Cybertronians are aware, we must use the All Spark to proliferate the species and pass on the knowledge of our ancestors.  We anxiously await it’s arrival, but do not yet know if Autobot or Decepticon.

For the Smurfs:
A Smurf and Smurfette got together and smurfed and soon the stork will bring a baby smurf.  The whole Smurf village will

OK, this is stupid.


One Response to Interpretive Reproduction

  1. mpotter says:

    You know, sometimes it’s really good that I married a funnyman.
    Proving once again—- I married a 10yearold!

    can’t wait to see a smurf come out of my body!
    i think that would hurt a helluva lot less than a decepticon!

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