feed me

last night i got to share the news with probably the last of our friends.  that was a lot of fun!  but how many times have i gotten the question:  are you craving anything???

which is surprising, b/c i always thought cravings came around when you were LARGELY pregnant, not just starting out. in any case, i really don’t have any (yet).

of course, anyone who knows me asks or jokes if i’ll crave veggies or tomatoes.  HA.  i think The Mr is hoping i’ll crave a pizza.

as i don’t have any cravings, per se…  i have done something a little bizarre.  last weekend in a restaurant, i paid $2.50 for a very small salad b/c i knew i needed some sort of veggies.  (ok, lettuce does count!)    it was a salad bar so i got to pick out some cukes, too.  and then i saw some broccoli staring at me.  little tiny pieces.  so i added one to my plate.

and when i ate it (surrounded by romaine, of course) i decided i liked it.  i think my exact words were:  “are you kidding me?”  granted, it doesn’t taste like chocolate or anything, but it’s sooooo muuuuchhh better than cooked broccoli!!

so we bought some.  i bought the ones that were tiny.  if the bag had too many big “trees” i had to find one w/ tiny ones.  i still need to surround it w/ my lettuce, but c’mon.           do i get a full serving? no. but i get a whole lot more than i ever did before!

come on, little bean- grow strong!

still no word on the ‘maters or pizza.  i’ll definitely keep you posted!


3 Responses to feed me

  1. Meredith says:

    I didn’t crave any foods. I was slightly iron-deficient. I crunched ice all day long (my co-workers just loved me) and I craved fresh bars of Zest soap and wanted to chew those green scratchy kitchen sponges — no lie. I didn’t eat the soap or chew the sponges, but my doctor made me start taking iron supplements when she heard this. I still crunched ice up until the day Little Elvis was born.

  2. Lindsey Taber says:

    This probably means nothing, but I had irresistably strong cravings when pregnant with my daughter Langley. Mostly BAD stuff, pizza and any kind of desserts. The thought of a grilled chicken breast or vegetable of any kind would totally turn my stomach. Now that we’re expecting a boy (on Friday!!) it has been totally different. Little to no sickness, love salads and veggies as I do when I am “normal.” If I have had what you might call “cravings” it would be for fresh fruit and peanut butter. And I haven’t gained as much weight this time- wonder why? 🙂 My only food this time around that turned my stomach was garlic which I normally love. I couldn’t take it on anything, or even smell it but that stopped about the end of the first trimester.

  3. aunt meggieweggie says:

    lemon donuts were the best ummmmmmm I ate them everyday oh and rushes hot fudge walnut sundays ummmmmmmm to I worked off the baby fat so eat eat eat you can when your pregnet and no one says anything to ya about being fat. I bet you are cute right about now I see you progross through she is due what a month before you. God Bless you three thats funny I can say that huh ” you 3 ” hope to see you soon but probably not with this soccer schedule I have run run run sounds like a 1st grade bood huh. hope your job is goin well love to all me

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