& here’s one thing i learned

you’d think someone woulda warned me about the humorous activity known in the prenatal sector as: listening to the heartbeat.


 why did i crack up?? 

we heard the heartbeat the very first time a month ago at our appointment.  i guess we were about 10 weeks along or so.  naturally b/c the bean was so tiny (& a bean heart was only the size of a grain of rice), it was hard for the doc to find.

i cracked up the whole time!  and every time, you could hear my voice and insides on the doppler.  she did actually find little bean long enough for us to hear the heartbeat for, oh- 3 seconds.  (where it was proclaimed that it sounded GREAT)….  now that’s a good doctor!

going to an ultrasound about a week and a half ago told us exactly why it took forever to find.  that little bean can move!  (more on that later)

today, we went for another appointment, and the heartbeat was found almost immediately.  she said it sounded healthy.  i didn’t giggle as much (b/c i was somewhat prepared)…  but man.

a warning woulda been nice.


3 Responses to & here’s one thing i learned

  1. Meredith says:

    How far along are you? I don’t remember if I’d read that. I didn’t crack up at ours, I was always so nervous during those things. We always scheduled them in the mornings, and the doctor’s office was always so late that I was worried about getting in trouble for being so late to work.

  2. thelittlebean says:

    we’re about 3 1/2 months now. (15 weeks)
    i was super nervous about said shots, but the no-pain stuff has been fine. if i can stop giggling.

  3. Lainey-Paney says:

    ….I work in an ER. We have a doppler here. So, I would pretty much beg any nurse or tech to get the doppler out & find the baby for me. I listened to the heartbeat about 3 or 4 times a week. Seriously—I could NOT get enough!

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