row, row, row…..

About a month ago, we had an interesting sight!  We got to see little bean in ALL it’s action.

What????  all i could say is:    UH-OH.  all i could think was:  i better lay off the caffeine. (ha)  LB was all over the place!  & i’m a little scared about feeling this in a few weeks.

when i was thinking of writing about it, something that came to my mind to describe it was this:    when i was young, sometimes my sister (the ever incredible hostess that she is…. and apparently always has been) would have my parents and whoever was still young in the house over for dinner.  she and her husband have always been in great shape and into fitness.  [guess i don’t take after her!]       anyway…….. one of the things i remember about sometimes going over there was being allowed to “play on” their rowing machine.

when thinking about little bean’s antics, & how to describe them, is exactly that.

sit on a rowing machine and pull forward so that your knees are bent all the way.  then it’s as if LB would push back as hard as possible and try to hit its head on the other side of my belly!!!  not that i ever did that w/ dianne’s machine. 

sooooooo  i don’t feel it yet, but that’s the oddest reality.  to know this is happening inside my belly & i’m not privy to such info!  we laugh about it a lot.

girl or boy, this kid’ll be a great soccer player!    


3 Responses to row, row, row…..

  1. Meredith says:

    Did the technician say, “Can’t you feel that?” I heard that from mine, and my other pregnant friends heard the same thing. I loved feeling Little Elvis kick and squirm around in there, especially when I was at work. I would think silly thoughts to him and smile when he kicked or moved in “response.”

  2. thelittlebean says:

    No. the tech never said anything. not that i gave her a chance. we were both astounded! i just can’t imagine i’ll ever get any rest once littlebean starts up.
    but of course— i’ll keep y’all posted!

    funny about your comment about “thinking thoughts” to him.
    The Mr. said just last night for me to be telepathic to it, since we’re connected. HA.

  3. Lainey-Paney says:

    It’s so exciting when you get to feel it!

    ….and then, toward the end….when you guys are BOTH running out of space…it gets…sometimes not so great…but still great at the same time. If you can even wrap your brain around that!

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