Danny Tanner from Full House Offers Up Some Parental Advice for Me

I have been looking recently for advice on fatherhood.  I’ve gone through several books at the store and online and wasn’t able to find anything worthwhile.  That is, until I found Danny Tanner’s Guide To Parenting.  Below are some excerpts of his advice:

  •  “Parenting is a huge task; especially if you’re a single parent like me.  If you have a rock n’ roll type brother-in-law and comedian best friend, get them to move into your house.  It definitely helps, and can lead to a lot of funny situations.”
  • “Children can often get pretty fussy at times.  To remedy this, try to get your daughter to be played by twins.  That way, when one gets cranky, you can just get the other one to step in.”
  • “Problems with your children sometime seem to last forever with no solution in sight.  But I’ve found that except for a handful of two-part episodes, most of my parental problems were solved in 30 minutes.”
  • “The middle child is probably the least important.  Most of my time was focused on my youngest and cutest daughter and the middle one kind of just seemed to get in the way.  Heck, they even got rid of the middle kid on Urkel.”
  • “If you’re busy and away from your children, but still want to supervise their activity, listen for the studio audience.  They can pretty much give away what’s happening, especially if someone is kissing or getting into trouble.”

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