doctor, doctor- don’t tell me the news….

we had an ultrasound last week- a full anatomy scan.  we don’t want to know what we’re having, so we turned our heads at the appropriate time.   (like we woulda been able to tell anyway!).

 LB didn’t move near as much as the last ultrasound we had when the dr. all but had to chase it!  but we did see a flip in the finale!  and it crossed its legs. (and arms????)

dr seemed pleased w/ how things were developing.  good heartbeat & all that jazz.  it still sounds like thuds, but i have to admit, i didn’t giggle near as much as i normally do during the heartbeat time!

like mom, LB isn’t very photogenic (this time)…  they even took a picture of the foot.  and you can’t make that out, except that it says “foot”. 

other than all that, i’ve been extremely fortunate, and continue to feel well.  i went to a “moms in motion” class last week and will go again tomorrow.  i don’t do near enough excercise!!! 

just b/c some of you may be wondering: 

i’m beginning to show.  not feeling the little bean quite yet.——my only 2 complaints so far have been that my legs sometimes hurt at night, and my gorgeous acne is still here.  sorry y’all-  ‘fraid there’ll be no “pregancy glow” for me!

but all seems well, and we look forward to march when they measure my “fundus”…  i can’t help but love these pregnancy words!   As my brother Danny would probably be saying right now:   “there’s a fundus among us”  although he’d probably also tell us to name it puddintain!

more on names———     LATER.


2 Responses to doctor, doctor- don’t tell me the news….

  1. Meredith says:

    I’m glad the ultrasound went well! I took the pictures to work to show them off, and spent the entire time telling people what was what, or what I thought what was….
    Glad you’re feeling well. I didn’t glow either. One of the good, but weird side effects of my pregnancy — I rarely had to shave my legs. I guess the hormones that make leg hairs grow were busy working on Little Elvis.

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