Your life depends on this decision

So here is an excerpt of a little decision list I put together prior to the pregnancy to see if the pros outweighed the cons.

For Against
There will be someone I can make help me with the yard work. I may not like the way he/she mows the lawn
Britney Spears and J-Lo are doing it, so why shouldn’t I? I’ll be contributing to the over population of the Earth, further straining precious natural resources.
Can finally find out what a fundus is Will probably have to be in the delivery room whilst the baby is birthed and be up close and personal with said fundus
Will be able to watch Baby Einstein without having to justify myself Will probably only be able to use this as an excuse for 2 or 3 years.
Will be able to pull all my old practical jokes on it that mpotter already knows May be too smart to fall for my lame jokes.
I’ll have a new baby that I can mold into a successful adult. He/she will probably end up doing whatever his/her friends are doing, negating all of my advice.
He/she may be way more successful than me and able to provide for me financially.  Or at least be able to pick lottery numbers better than me. He/she may suck at picking lottery numbers.

2 Responses to Your life depends on this decision

  1. Meredith says:

    I decided when we found out that Little Elvis was a he that he would become a professional kicker for the Indianapolis Colts and support me. I think kicker seems like the safest position, and have been told they earn more than punters. Since they’ll be close to the same age, I hope you’re not planning on Little Bean being a kicker with the Colts. Maybe another team?

  2. well, maybe if it’s a he and he wants to kick for the lions…. the lions will FINALLY get to the superbowl!
    or if she wants to cheer for the lions, or even serve water at this point— maybe that will help the lions.
    good luck w/ the plan. wonder if they’ll continue to call him “little elvis” while he’s kicking.

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