Too Many Words

Did you know that there are tons of books out there to help one prepare to have a baby?  Me neither.   Anyways, we have a bunch of them on the coffee table, which is in front of the TV.  So TV usually wins out instead of reading the proper literature in preparation for this occasion.  Even if the TV was broken for some reason, I’m not sure if I’d read them – I looked in one once and there are too many words inside.  I’d also be busy getting a new TV.

However, I’m trying to be a responsible expected father, so I think I can accomplish this by renting a few movies.  After a quick IMDB search on the subject, the following movies have been added to our Netflix queue and I should be adequately prepared after a few hours in front of the TV:

  • She’s Having a Baby 
  • Three Men and a Baby
  • Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2
  • Rosemary’s Baby
  • Million Dollar Baby
  • Dirty Dancing (Jennifer Grey’s character is named Baby)

3 Responses to Too Many Words

  1. aunt meggieweggie says:

    hey Ben no book or movie will prepare you for what you are in for, the only thing you have to do or remeber is love that bean and surport that bean now forever this bean will bring you much joy and nothing will teach you that. I have faith in you both Good luck time will go by so fast you will see your bean will be a teen before you know it Love ya guys see ya sometime

  2. Heather says:

    All I can say is I had pregnancy, baby and child rearing books. I burned them all.

    But hey, I am raising Payton so……

  3. Meredith says:

    I think you could learn a lot about raising girls from “Dirty Dancing.” And you can use the “No one puts Baby in a corner” adage for any gender.

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