there’s a fundus amungus

i can’t get that phrase outta my head!  ever since i read it in a book or email earlier on in my pregnancy….    i dedicate this titled post to my brother Danny, who would mention the fungus among us anytime he could (mushrooms, anyone?)

i think most everyone reading this blog has had a child already, so you know about the fundus.  for the maybe 2 of you—- that’s where they measure your belly. 

i was excited to finally have it measured yesterday…. since that phrase has run thru my head.  and i’m happy that it’s right on target!  23cm for 22+ weeks.

i was more excited to hear the heartbeat yesterday.  it’s been a month…  and that’s the proof i have that little bean is growing inside.  Heather said heartbeat sounded good & strong.  which was a relief to me. 

i wouldn’t say i’ve been worried or stressed, but definitely preoccupied by the fact that i am still not feeling LB in any consistent way.  i felt it a looong time ago. then not for a good while.  then it started to be more regular.  & as soon as i found a pattern, it didn’t come again.  i know that i will be complaining about too much movement soon enough- so i don’t want to rush things.  but it’s the only connection i have w/ this little bean living inside of me.  it’s the only way i know LB is saying “hi”.

Heather reassured us that it’s normal…  at about 28 weeks i can expect consistent movement.  ok. don’t wanna rush it.

there’s lots to prepare for.  we were on a roll for about a month or so.  but now w/ work picking up so much for me, it was quite difficult even finding time for a childbirth class!  and i had several weekends to choose from.

we’re more than half-baked.  i wish i had posted on week 20. i also wanted to eat half-baked ice cream (yum) but my mother-in-law made us dessert when we were in greenville.  brownies w/ vanilla ice cream (yum!).

sadly, we comment on how quickly this is going. i know it’s just gonna get quicker.  i’m enjoying what i can….              i still have been quite lucky.  all’s well so far! 


3 Responses to there’s a fundus amungus

  1. Amy says:

    Love your blog Ben! I am so excited for you and mpotter…I loved being pregnant, both times 🙂 Glad to hear that everything is goign well!

  2. Funky Boss says:

    Thanks Amy. It’s good to hear from you and thanks for checking out my lame blog posts.

  3. Meredith says:

    The kicking and rolling was definitely my favorite part about being pregnant. Hopefully you’ll feel it consistently soon. I don’t remember when I really started feeling Little Elvis, but I think it was around Thanksgiving. Glad to hear everything else is going well!

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