who’s your daddy?

so, little bean…  do you sometimes wonder who that is w/ the deep voice that hangs around all the time?  do you wonder about who it was you kicked (!) on Saturday?  do you wonder who that was that you moved while he played soccer?

tho’ your daddy somehow duped meemaw into thinking he’s “mr. romantic”, let me assure you he’s not.  however, he is thoughtful & extremely helpful.  you’ll see very soon that he’s pretty funny.  sometimes too funny.  (don’t expect any serious answers to come from him!)

he’s the kind of man who will let me cheer loudly when clemson makes it into the finals of the ACC basketball tournament for the first time since the 60s.  he’ll cheer w/ me. but i’m always the loudest! 

he’s a man who let’s me entertain, even tho he would rather just have a quiet night at home.  he’s a man who enjoys my paprikas (as will you, i’m sure) and doesn’t mind doing the pots & pans after i make a mess in the kitchen over said paprikas.  he’s a man who likes the challenge of stacking said dishes in the drainer… all at once.  as high as it goes!

 the aftermath of paprikas

he will complain & carry on when i want to eat in the dining room.  but then he doesn’t mind washing (and drying) the china as well.

he’s the man who comes to my rescue anytime he feels we need it.  he worries about how we’re feeling in the day, and always asks how our day was.  if i felt you.  if we’re ok.

he’s the one you hear laughing really hard at some silly shows like “always sunny in philadelphia”.  he gets stressed out by LOST, and laughs like a 10 year old to America’s funniest videos.

he’s the one who lets me sleep late & takes care of the “kittens”.  he’s the one who has only slept till 8 twice this past year.  he likes to talk about how these things “build character” (he’s got quite a lot of character).   how many times has he traipsed through the woods and climbed trees so i wouldn’t worry about losing yiminy?

he will do anything to make us happy.  remember that one time i said that lemonade would taste good & he grabbed his shoes and left?   

watch out, tho’- because he can’t wait till you start doing all the chores with (and then FOR) him.  he likes to tell you that you’re coming out punished.   (um, don’t worry b/c he’s the one who lets me wear the pants.)

he’s the one that is extremely excited to meet you.  he’s jealous b/c i get to spend all my time with you.  [that’s why we’re very happy you kicked him last night.  he wants to be a part of this].  he’s the man who keeps telling me that i can “have the night off” so he can take care of you & wake up with you. 

he is beside himself to know that you’ll be here soon- before we know it.

be good to your daddy.  he’s the best man i know!

PS- all he wants is a lap cat.  the 2 we have do not meet that description. we hope you will enjoy all the cuddling he wants to do!


One Response to who’s your daddy?

  1. Meredith says:

    What a nice letter to baby and hubby! Sounds like he’ll be a great daddy! Bob loved getting kicked during sleep when I was pregnant as well.
    Are you big Lost fans? I absolutely LOVE this season so far.

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