who’s the april fool?

we went to the dr. this morning as planned.  appointment at 8am.  home after 1pm.

good timing that last night i was out of breath when i went to bed (i frequently get out of breath only when climbing the stairs).  when i awoke, i still had shortness of breath.

dr. asked how things were. i told her.  she looked at my legs.  saw one was swollen (usually only one ankle has swollen after i’ve been on my feet all day …elevating it solves that easily).  never has it been so swollen. esp after waking up.

anyway—– they sent me to labor & delivery.  (!?!?!) they just wanted to monitor my oxygenation & they took (wheeled) me down like a real patient (i even had a bracelet!) to radiology for an ultrasound of my leg.  course it wasn’t swollen, b/c i had been laying down in a L&D room (!!) for quite awhile. 

long story short. all is “fine”.  there is no clot.  i left w/ no diagnosis and “no babies”.  seriously.  i checked out and the paper said i was discharged with no babies. 

baby was never in any kind of harm or anything. this was more for me. for nothin’

the upshot is that i have a new idea for a future post……..   

see y’all later. 


3 Responses to who’s the april fool?

  1. Meredith says:

    That sounds so scary! I’m glad you’re both doing well. Hate that you had to spend most of the day at the drs office/hospital.

  2. aunt meggieweggie says:

    glad everything is ok Michelle I bet you were scared take it easy hun see you soon love ya

  3. amy says:

    Glad everything is ok…take it easy 🙂

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