9 months

i’ve wondered for a while how it could be “9 months” to have a baby.  especially now that we’re pregnant.  do the math.  40 weeks divided by 4 weeks/month= 10 months.

well, in any case… i’m glad it’s 9 (or 10) months to prepare you for having a baby.  even us….  carefully thought out.  but let me just say- my short visit in the hospital:   UMMMMMMMMMM  yeah.  not quite ready.

seriously.  yes.  littlebean has a crib (thanks, gramma & grampa!) & a car seat.  so, sure. we can bring LB home.  but getting him/her here?  i am not even whining about the labor.  (tho yes, i’m sure that’s part of it).  just the thought.

sitting in that hospital room with just The Mr & myself…  i felt completely small.  and i didn’t fit.  not since i was 4 w/ pneumonia have i ever been to the hospital where i wasn’t visiting someone.  happy occasions & sad…  but it was just as visitor.  i’m there to cheer someone or to meet someone else’s newborn. 

i didn’t feel like i belonged in an empty room.  i even sat on the couch b/c i was unsure of what to do.  when they showed me our room, they told me to get undressed (!).  however, since i knew i was getting that oxygenation clip on my finger, i felt no need to put on a gown w/ a slit in the back.  the nurse set me straight tho’— esp. since they needed my leg free for the ultrasound.

lots of beeps persisted & heartbeat monitor for LB.  ben even said there was the contraction monitor (no contractions).  all of these noises interfered w/ whatever gameshow was on tv at the time.  ok. no big deal. i’m not really here.  then nurse comes back to put my seatback comfortable, told me how to work the tv and where we could get juice if needed and that if i needed to go to the bathroom, get her b/c i was all strapped in.   (!!??) 

The Mr. seemed a little out of place.  (tho i asked- he didn’t feel odd). i guess to me, he didn’t really belong there, either. so i laughed a lot.  i just didn’t get the whole thing.  and man, when they came w/ the wheelchair?  never in my life have i been in one.  i was fully capable of walking.  and by that time, felt completely normal.

in any case, this big, empty room:  it was nice enough.  the maternity ward is only a little over a year old.  so the hardwood floors and “furniture” seemed nice.  (not sure what i was expecting).  and over to the left of me was the plastic bassinet.  um, it doesn’t take a geeenius to figure out what THAT is supposed to be for.  it all just felt pretty surreal.

The Mr & i got bored w/ the jeffersons.  he looked thru all the cabinets and things.  we joked and laughed.  but i really didn’t even feel as though i belonged.

hope i will in a few months.  cuz next time, people will be in that room to cheer me on. and to see US.  hey, dr- can i have about 9 more months, please?


3 Responses to 9 months

  1. Meredith says:

    I might have been weird, but by the time I was in labor, I was ready for Little Elvis to be out. I didn’t want to be pregnant anymore. I was worried about the whole delivery thing, but I just wanted to meet our guy.

  2. i have no doubt that time may also come…. but not now at 6 months!
    i’ve heard that a lot, tho’ so i doubt you’re weird.

  3. Lainey-Paney says:

    Ditto Meredith: by the time it’s you—you’ll just want the baby out!

    ….and, I work in a hospital. So, I’m very used to being there. Not usually as the patient….but, still, I’m very comfortable in the hospital.

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