This week sucked.   Relay season is upon me!  Believe me, this is why i wanted this job…. but oh my god! 4?????  2 in the same night.  and i’m coincidentally starting to feel rather pregnant.

not that i’m complaining about my state.  my pregnancy has been pretty uneventful (not counting april fool’s day) & completely not what i’ve expected…   but, yes.  i’m starting to finally feel pregnant.  my big belly weighs me down if i’m standing or walking for a good bit of time.   um???  what????  standing? walking?  wait—- what’s Relay For Life?   ohhhhh yeeeahhhhhh……  American Cancer Society’s signature (and most fun) fundraiser!   job description:  walk around and “schmooze” all the team captains.  get to know them.  establish a relationship & see how things have gone/ will they return next year???   when i’m not “schmoozing”, i need to help the committee take care of whatever needs to be done.  yaddayaddayadda.   oh yeah.  and do this ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

but that’s ok.  i’ll manage.  my first one is next friday.  woohoo!  then 2 the next friday. (uh-oh)  then i have a week off and i finish on may 16th.  but all of this is making work quite stressful.

and i had my own stresses to deal w/ littlebean this week.   but YAY! my glucose test came back negative!!

yes. i was worried.  the stress has (i guess) helped me to not feel my best.  couple that w/ family history of gestational diabetes, and now diabetes.  add on that my last dr’s visit and they said i had glucose in my sample (but dr. said that was ok and normal…… still!)  to top it off, doctor measured my fundus (amungus) and said it was a little big.       THERE’S A SIGN.

but i’m so excited.  this job makes me travel. a lot.  to some rural counties that are no less than 45 minutes away.  so my eating habits are not the best when i miss dinners sometimes 3 or 4 nights a week (and who cooks on weekends?  i love sundays! if i’m not too tired).  and excercise??   how?  i’m sitting in a car for 2 hours at a time and sitting at my desk the rest of the time.

so even though i should have had to take the 3 hour test, i’m very thankful that i’m all clear!

so littlebean is happy.  but a little big (by a week. i asked this time)

so this post letcha know how things are.  and hopefully let you know why, exactly, i’ve been silent.  and likely will be for a little longer…   i’m even working sunday.  but we’ll see braves vs. dodgers tomorrow w/ The Mr.’s parents.  (can’t wait.  hot dog & boiled peanuts…..   yum)

i couldn’t do all this w/o The Mr. !     Time for me to get some much needed excercise….

Thanks for checkin in.   talk to you later!


One Response to whew*

  1. Meredith says:

    Sounds like a super busy time! Glad the pregnancy is going well.

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