Just for the Taste of It…

We went to the doctor today for an ultrasound.  Everything seems to be okay as far as I could tell – the picture on the screen was in black and white and all grainy.  I guess they never heard of High Definition or even color TV there.  All that expensive equipment there and we’re looking at our unborn baby on a 12 inch computer screen that I think belonged to a Commodore 64 from the 1980s.  Because of the terrible picture quality, I couldn’t see much, but could make out a arm occasionally and maybe an ear.  So our baby has that much going for it. 

We also watched it lap up some amniotic fluid after a long session of wailing it’s arm up and down.  I usually go for Gatorade after running or soccer, but you take what you can get I guess.  But then again, I haven’t really crawled up in the fetal position and wailed my arm up and down in quite a while, so maybe if I did, I’d crave some of that amniotic fluid.  We then had a discussion how babies urinate into the amniotic sac and drink it back up.  Lovely.  Fetal babies do some nasty shizzle up inside that belly. 


3 Responses to Just for the Taste of It…

  1. Meredith says:

    We never did it, but they have 3 and 4-D ultrasounds that are supposed to be really, really great. Ours was just regular, and I felt like we got a great look at Little Elvis’ little face about a month before he was born.

  2. Funky Boss says:

    We’ve gotten fliers for those 3D and 4D ultrasounds. There’s a place near us that charges $400 for one. Those images totally freak me out. Some alien looking fetus all gooped up in amniotic fluid is somewhat unsettling to me.

    It’s also an exercise in patience. You can’t wait another month to see the baby’s face? That face is going to be around everyday for the next 18 years, I don’t need to get a preview of it. I’d rather have it be a surprise anyways. So I guess there is argument for the crappy black and white grainy images of the old fashioned ultrasound.

  3. thelittlebean says:

    the less ultrasounds i get, the better guarantee we won’t accidentally find out what our baby is…..
    my friend just dealt w/ having it sealed in an envelope and waiting for the doctor only to have dr come in and say “she looks great!”


    we did have a full anatomy scan a while back in Feb. so we got to see a “baby”. i’m good with that.

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