The fact that The Mr & I want to keep our baby’s gender a surprise should be no surprise to any of you; since we’ve faithfully used the moniker “little bean”.  I know it’s uncommon these days.  but i can’t imagine life any other way.

i truly think at this point, if i were to find out somehow, i’d be more upset about ruining the surprise than anything.

when people ask us what we’re having, i feel almost famous/saintly when we reply “we don’t know”.  it’s an amazing concept these days; especially for first-timers.  it’s a hilarious response.

sometimes i tell people about how it’s so natural for me to NOT know….  i used to wrap my own christmas gifts!!!!  & i was always sad for my (spoiled) friends that would always tell me what they were getting for xmas…. like in november!!! 

So- needless to say, when we went to the dr. for a routine visit & she heard a pause in the heart, we also were surprised by that.  so when she had us sit and wait for an ultrasound to be performed, we (i) immediately said:  WE DON’T WANT TO KNOW THE SEX!  (i’m a great mom:  not  “is it going to be alright?”)

the ultrasound also showed a pause.  so we were referred to a specialist.  appointment was on wednesday.

i laid off the caffeine for sure since they said it’s usually nothing. no big deal. brought on by caffeine sometimes (i’m a great mom:  that rare mt.dew tasted delicious during lunch IMMEDIATELY before the first visit) & it seemed to work.  the ultrasound tech didn’t detect a pause.  (WHEW).  oh yeah:  more declaring “we don’t wanna know” and turning our heads.

however, the dr. -after a while, mind you- did find just a few pauses… not like previous day.  but he wasn’t concerned and said sometimes that happens.  my impression is that if it happens again at the next visit, maybe they’d be more alarmed.  but the heart looks great.  and the beat is strong and “perfect” (when it’s beating)  so no need for worry.

wednesday night was my regular bunko game w/ my teacher pals, so i was looking forward to that now that i wasn’t too worried about baby bean.

and whaddya know—- they invited more people and threw me a SURPRISE! shower!

The Mr. apparently is great at keeping them!  i also was lucky to have a surprise wedding shower thrown by his mom, and he knew about this shower for months!  not to mention HE surprised me with a lovely mother’s day gift!

dang i love surprises!!!!!!        tho i hope i’m not surprised again at our next appointment. 


3 Responses to Surprise!

  1. Meredith says:

    That’s so scary! I’m glad the doctors aren’t worried, and sounds like you had a nice shower.

  2. Heather says:

    What a great surprise! The shower….fun!

    Caffeine is evil, I tell you! I had pain in my right ovary with every Aunt Flo visit. I thought I was going to be like my mom and have endometriosis (sp?) Someone told me caffeine causes that. I cut out the stuff 100% and guess what…no more pain in my right ovary. I also have anxiety attacks when I drink it too.

    Someone people are more sensitive to it than others. Could be your baby is just one of those more sensitive to caffeine than others. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  3. Lainey-Paney says:

    So glad that everything is okay.

    And you know, there are so few good surprises in life.
    Surprise! You didn’t pay the right amount to the IRS, and now you owe a ton of money!
    Surprise! You ran over a nail this morning, and now your tire is flat!
    Surprise! Your neighbor’s dog poo’d in your yard, and you were walking barefoot….

    See what I mean?

    Surprise! It’s a boy!
    Surprise! It’s a girl!

    Those are the good surprises.
    I think it’s okay to wait.
    Now me—oh, I know me. I’m too impatient.

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