The Hardest Button to Button

It’s unbelievable that that there are only a few short weeks left before the baby is finally emancipated from the confines of the uterus, allowing me to claim I have officially sired a whelp.  

In the mean time, I’m off to the land of pannekoeken, bicycles, and lax regulation of recreational drugs again tomorrow, so my next lame post will be somewhat delayed.  Yes, I’m leaving an 8 month pregnant wife with swollen feet and hands who can’t reach the top shelf of cabinets and needs help with buttons.  And hey – I’ve got no problem with that.  Women fought long and hard for equal rights in this country and they got them now, by god.   Maybe they should have thought long and hard about those equal rights as if they were pregnant and swollen.  Cuz you can’t have it both ways, Lydia Chapin Taft. 

Sorry all, I have to end this post a little early as I have to take a few things down from the top shelf of the pantry and am scheduled to give a foot massage.


3 Responses to The Hardest Button to Button

  1. thelittlebean says:

    may i also remind you that this is also the land of tulips, windmills, and a high instance of non-medicated, midwife-attended homebirths?

    and here, from the title- i thought The Mr. would talk about my belly button!

    hopefully i’ll have something meaningful to post while i’m alone this fortnight.
    tho i realize i’m not the funny one….

  2. Meredith says:

    My husband also left an 8 month pregnant woman at home for a conference. Nothing bad happened, except that I got lost at night and cried and cried and drove in circles. And I couldn’t call him for help because smarty that I am, I left my cell phone at home.
    I finally made it home and felt silly for all my crying. Little Elvis was just fine, and surprisingly, I didn’t use the trip as leverage…

  3. you’re a better woman than i am! i think little bean will know about this trip from the GUILT trip Dad will have to take until LB is 10 years old!!!!

    nah, i’m kidding. i know he wouldn’t be there if it weren’t necessary for his job (tho he IS having some fun……)

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