irksome quirksome

i expect certain quirks to come about now that i’m largely pregnant.  funny how it’s the things i don’t expect that irk me to death.

now, i’ve never been pregnant (no, you don’t say!) & i’ve never weighed this much.  so, yes.  i’m large. but i notice and have been assured that most of this weight has stayed in front of me- my belly.   (grant it, right now, i bet my feet weigh about 40 pounds alone!)   but i get so irked by one of my coworkers, who incidentally is the only one to have been pregnant before.  i see her daily.  and every so often, she likes to point out how large i am! 

doesn’t help that i’ve been asked told on more than one occasion:  wow!  you’re about to pop, right?  my response:  no, actually, i have 8 weeks, 7 weeks left…..   *gasp!

that kinda irks me.  i have had a small handful of people tell me that i look “good” or “small”…  i wanna hang out w/ these people.

one thing that irked me recently:    a lady was visiting at work.  she actually happened to be there talking to the coworker who talks about how huge i am.  anyway, as you all know we don’t know what little bean is…  and everyone always asks.  THIS lady, however didn’t ask.  she said with a slight question mark:  you’re having a boy?  and i said, no that we’re not sure… and she then DECLARED no. you’re having a boy.


The Mr. & i don’t really have much of a preference.  so it would be fine if that was the case.  but it irked me the way she said it.  almost as if a warning & i told you so in the same breath.  i know it’s fun/customary for people to guess what we’re having.  and i’ve had more “boys” come my way than “girls”… but really it could be anything….  now i hope i have a girl JUST to spite her!!!

especially since i don’t have a feeling either way, it bugs me that she said it like that.  The Mr. has a feeling it’s a boy.  I have no feeling.  I think a big reason he has this idea is from this early post.  he came to me afterwards and said:  “all i gots to say is: did that look like a sweet little girl or a rambunctious boy?”    but i’ve read lotsa message boards where moms complain about the girls’ movements.  so, i know it can be anything…..  and it’ll be fun to find out.

i guess i have one good thing to say:  at least i haven’t YET to get a stranger rub my belly!


3 Responses to irksome quirksome

  1. Funky Boss says:

    Ha, funny anecdote there.

    I had a dream last night that we didn’t even want to find out after the baby was born. Someone was holding it and we looked away, but somehow I saw that it was a girl. I then was faced with the decision to play dumb with you or tell you that I in fact found out.

    I’m an idiot.

  2. Meredith says:

    I had lots of people tell me I was having a boy before we found out. It was something about the way I carried him.
    When I was pregnant I hated Paula Deen. I decided her southern accent was fake and didn’t appreciate a fake southerner pretending to be southern. I think the whole “irksome” thing is a part of being pregnant.

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