a day late….

i wanted to post last night to mark the monumentous occasion that could possibly be ONE MONTH to go till Little Bean comes.  however, we didn’t get back from our 1st session of the childbirth class until 10pm.  between it being late, my swollen feet, and not having any energy…. you see where that got me.

i celebrated the “one month ’til” mark by buying 2 coming home outfits.   They are adorable.  sorta wish i had twins, b/c i don’t want to return either one.

we went to the doctor yesterday as well.  all’s well.  i had my strep test.  we now go back every week!  so we’ll find out next week how that went (hopefully well!)  the heart sounded really good.  ben was home to hear it & he liked that, too. 

i asked Heather when i could find out how much they think bean will weigh…  she said she could tell by the size & position it is probably ~6lbs.  she expects it to be ~8lbs or a little more.  at least that sounds normal. but a little bigger than i had hoped b/c newborn clothes stop at 8.  so the clothes i bought are 3 months…   i know it will swallow bean.   so i’ve decided to go buy some newborn outfits too and just hope for the best!  since i’m returning one set of clothes anyway i guess it doesn’t matter.

baby’s in good position. well, “good” is relative considering i’ve had pelvis soreness for about a month now. i’m fine when i don’t do ‘nothin.  but if i roll over or stand or sit….   it’s a little uncomf.  my feet are also starting to be more uncomf.  but i still consider myself lucky. so i’m really not complaining.

i’ll be back soon. i’d like to post on another topic.  but i’ll save it for it’s own………



2 Responses to a day late….

  1. BARBARA says:

    Glad everything went well with the visit this time. can’t wait till the “day”. Glad Ben’s home…hope everything will be uneventfull from now on…

  2. Meredith says:

    That’s great that everything going well. I never had pelvic pain, but was extremely uncomfortable the last two weeks.

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