Ill Communication

First post being back in the U.S. and A.  And it’s also almost Emancipation Day for the fetus.  And we’re pretty much ready, save for mpotter trying to savor the next 2 weeks off from work.  The only problem left is me being able to answer the phone when she calls saying that labor has begun, the mucous plug has been uncorked, the water has broken, or some other messy occurrence related to the birth process.   I have been stung repeatedly the past few weeks by her criticism about me not answering the phone when she calls.  I’ve been blaming it on lack of cell phone coverage, but she’s never bought that and I guess that’s a pretty lame excuse.  Then when she’s with me and the phone rings, she sarcastically mentions that I never fail to answer calls when it’s about work.

Before cell phones went mainstream, the expectant dad carried around a beeper to get the call.  Before that, I don’t know what they did.  But somehow all these babies still got born and the dad was probably there for most of those births.  That excuse doesn’t work well with her either.  Anybody have any other excuses I can use that will work?

Or maybe I should just answer the phone.


2 Responses to Ill Communication

  1. Grandma Sally & Grandpa Ruf says:

    What beeper? We had carrier pigeons in our day.
    Advice: answer the phone.

  2. Meredith says:

    I agree about answering the phone. Or you could learn how to telecommunicate before the baby arrives. I don’t think you would have to worry about spotty coverage then.

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