t minus 10?

of course we can ‘t hold anything too firmly; but um, guys???—-  we’ve got 10 days left.

how’d that happen??     i remember the excitement of the last 10 days of school.  i remember saying to The Mr. there’s only 10 days until we get married!!!  (that was LOTSA 10 days ago!!!)  10 seems like a very quick number, no??

usually 10 days can fly by.  but i hope this won’t.  people ask me if it’s dragged on or gone quickly- and for once, i say that “it’s gone by appropriately”.  which is surprising.  The Mr & I talk a lot about “gosh: where’d the time go”…  yes. we’re already old fuddy-duddies.  but we were that way well before we decided to have a Little Bean. 

everything up to this point has been appropriately timed.  i hope LB will stay on schedule.  I really would be sad to miss out on my last 10 days of being w/ The Mr & by myself.  i want to enjoy my last 10 days just as i would before in the summers.  which is great.  b/c 2 weeks is about my limit for being in the house w/o going stir-crazy. 

i know i have been incredibly fortunate thru all this.  any complaint i can make is pretty minor.  i know there are lotsa women who want it to be over with by this point in their pregnancy.   they’re huge. uncomfortable. swollen. hot.  miserable… i consider myself very lucky.  i’m totally fine w/ carrying LB.  in fact, i may even miss it.  the bean has been very very good to me.

so— am i/are we ready?  sure. but that doesn’t mean we’re rushing it!!!         



One Response to t minus 10?

  1. Meredith says:

    I hope little bean arrives right on time, then. I have to admit that once I hit week 37, I was ready to have Little Elvis. He came a week early, which was just fine with me. I’m glad you’re not uncomfortable and hope you’re able to enjoy your last week of preps.

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