surprising pregnancy symptoms

knowing that all of this can come to a halt at any minute (no, please…. one more week!) i decided to go ahead and write about the things that surprised me most.  the things that i don’t think i’ve read about or heard about.

first of all- i do want to admit that this WHOLE pregnancy has been a surprise for me!!!  i truly thought it would be hell. i’d blow up and be uncomf— & that would be after all the throwing up and constant bathroom trips.  wow. who’da thunk???  everyone kept/keeps warning or asking me about being terribly hot and uncomfortable in the summer. i really don’t think it’s affected me at all.  (but don’t tell The Mr. that!  we get to have the air on a “normal” temperature now!)

i truly truly know how lucky i’ve been!  i’ve seen people and heard stories of people not faring quite as well as i have/am.  i don’t even find myself particularly moody- which i know is a big one for one of my good friends who is pregnant and has had the “normal” symptoms i’ve described.   i feel just awful for them.  and i’m not gloating.  but, well, it has been a surprise.

but the symptoms nobody tells you about- or maybe i’m just weird:

  1. what the hell is this stuff falling out of my mouth when i sleep???  it is nasty to roll over into. oh. wait. that’s drool!!!  what????  i don’t drool.  not since that picture of me when i was 7 at holden beach.
  2. how come i can’t adjust one of my 6 pillows- especially the one between my legs?  why can’t i grab it at 2 a.m. and reposition it??  oh! right.  because my knuckles are numb and they don’t work!    what??? my hands work fine throughout the day.  but i literally cannot bend my hands easily once i’ve slept.  now- i did read about pregnancy carpal tunnel.  which for about 2 or 3 weeks early on, i did have—  another surprising thing is that the hand that you don’t sleep on and put pressure on is the one that gets numb (like it fell asleep).         that all went away.  only to have this develop (which dr. says is the same) a few months later.
  3. oh, and all that swelling i’ve been plagued with since april?  gone.  for the past few days, my feet look normal again!!! AND i’ve even been on them.  is that why i lost a few pounds??  that’s one i’ll ask about. 

i swear there was something else…. i’m racking my brain and can’t remember. that, however, is a common pregnancy symptom. 

happy 4th, y’all.  hope i make it one more week!


2 Responses to surprising pregnancy symptoms

  1. Meredith says:

    Those are funny symptoms! I hope the feeling comes back in your hands after the delivery. You’ll need to move them for those midnight feedings!
    I’m glad the heat isn’t getting to you. My cousin’s wife just had their second child (the first was born in August) and she was miserable through both summers.

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