& let’s not forget…

i knew i’d remember more surprising pregnancy symptoms!!!!  

4.  hiccups.  hiccups? you ask… why, all babies hiccup. in fact, i’m sure all y’all out there were kept awake by all the hiccupping your baby would do.    but here’s the surprise:  it’s not Little Bean.  it’s ME.   not that i have them with any regularity or severity. and they certainly don’t keep me up at night.  but up until a few nights ago, mine were the only hiccups around.  but i think LB finally had hiccups. for about 2 min. once.

5.  movement.  i can’t have this list w/o adding all the times i’ve waited & wanted to feel little bean move around.  even from the beginning when i should feel movement.  even now when there’s less movement to feel and more “kicks”.   the surprise?  baby doesn’t kick me as much as just shift weight so i can feel a foot (?? i hope) .  my good little bean doesn’t kick me in the ribs or lungs or any other place that shouldn’t be kicked.         but surprise #2 is that there have been countlesstimes i didn’t feel any of bean’s movements at all.  so of course when i’m trying to do my kick counts or when i notice i hadn’t felt anything all day, The Mr. puts his ear to my belly, can hear it move and inevitably feels LB move.  what??? how could this be going on w/o my knowledge?   this happens way more often than you would imagine.  so then i’m comforted by the thought that at least someone felt the baby!

i’m sure in not too much longer, i’ll have more surprises along the way…..    good thing i like surprises!


One Response to & let’s not forget…

  1. Meredith says:

    Feeling the baby is great. I had hiccups some, too. But I’ve always had them, so I guess I couldn’t really blame that on Little Elvis. One of my friends says her sister started getting uncontrollable burps when pregnant and still has them! Her child is 5!

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