one week

hard to believe it’s been a week.  all day yesterday, i was very aware of what was going on a week ago.  i even fed jovie this morning at 5:30; the same time as i was introduced to her last week.

not that last week was a picnic by any stretch of the imagination… but we still have our work cut out for us. (you veterans out there are saying HA. no duh!)    jovie is absolutely precious and sweet.  & we’re all trying to figure everyone out.  (meanwhile figuring out how to make a gassy baby happy)

i’m recovering from the c-section and The Mr. is recovering from my attempt at labor.  we’ve had a good opportunity to enjoy each other’s company while he’s been off of work.  tomorrow he goes back, but gramma will be here to help us.

i don’t envy him having to leave his precious little bean all day.  i know he’ll be excited to come home. 

one of these days, i’ll post about some antics around the house….


3 Responses to one week

  1. Meredith says:

    Glad everything is going well. I remember being grateful that Little Elvis was so patient with his clueless parents. Glad you’ve got help coming in!

  2. Aunt Suzan and Uncle Don says:

    Just found out about your blog – for computer geeks we are very out of the loop!!! Jovie is beautiful – and I’m sure will teach you and Ben everything you’ll need to know to be the best parents ever! Congrats –

  3. Bobby says:

    Hi Chelle & Ben & JOVIE,
    Congratulations to all of you.
    Welcome “little one” to our family!
    Looking forward to meeting you.
    Any chance you might be in Columbia the last week of August?
    I would live to see you all then.
    Love & Miss you Very Much!

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