week 2

not a clever title, i know.  maybe this motherhood gig is zapping all of my creativity and wit away from me.  yeah. let’s blame it on that.

so… some antics around the house-

  • as you may have noticed in The Mr.’s post earlier of “little bean” in the bathroom:  his method of soothing her is running the shower.  we discovered that by accident when jovie first got here and was fussy.  i took a shower and she immediately calmed.  The Mr. has spent many wee hours of the morning in the bathroom trying to calm a fussy/gassy girl!

and by the way- yes. the wallpaper IS garish, i know.  but what’s worse is the thought of picking out new and then re-wallpapering a somewhat large and odd shaped bathroom.

  • dum-me told The Mr. that newborns don’t move very much.  oops.  you’d think w/ all my nieces & nephews i’da remembered, but i guess i just remembered wrong.  jovie is super-active.  surprising, since i never felt her a ton in my belly!!!  she managed to scoot to the bottom of her cradle (as she slept in the bathroom).  she does funny little poses in her sleep, & she even throws some gang signs when she’s REALLY mad!
  • something else i never remembered or realized:  the noises!   oh my-the noises she makes.  bizarre little noises of all sorts.  chipmunk sounds, squeaks & squeals. i swear there’s a new one every night.  the first night we all slept in the bedroom, The Mr. was quite on edge w/ all the quirky sounds.               so- will she be talkative like her mommy?
  • i have discovered “baby crack”.  simethicone (mylicon) is instantaneously a hit w/a crying girl.  sadly, mom & dad have to witness the screams & cries in pain, as she walks up our bellies to relieve her tummy troubles.  she has kicked my incision a few times; however nothing compares to hearing her raspy scream and knowing i cannot relieve her.

we look forward to more antics in & around the house—  will keep you posted on anything of interest.


3 Responses to week 2

  1. bocki white says:

    need more photos!! i am sure you have nothing better to do than unload photos from your camera to your computer. hope y’all are still having fun. and if you’re not, just lie to me and say you are 🙂

    love all y’all

  2. Meredith says:

    How are you feeling? It took me a while to get to where I could sleep on my stomach (preferred style) after my C-section.
    Glad things are going well. It’s amazing how parents find and discover the ways that magically calm their kids. Glad the shower system works. I’m sure all of you are squeaky clean!

  3. aunt barb says:

    It was so good seeing you guys yesturday. Jovie is sooo cute! hope all went well today with Ben at work and Jo back in Charlotte.

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