well, i don’t think she’s of legal drinking age yet, but jovie is 21 days old. 

don’t have much to report, but her belly button finally fell off yesterday.  now it’s looking kinda swirly.  so to celebrate, we put her in the real (baby) bathtub today.  she seemed to like it.  she had a fantastic day today (cross your fingers— day’s not over yet!).  sorry, no pic.  we just took some video.

we got to play with our playgym.  if you call lying there and staring aimlessly “playing”.  we even took a trip to our mailbox.  boy she was a busy girl!

just wanted to do an update. no matter how boring.

oh and a quick note of interest, she was very fussy last night when The Mr. went to play soccer.  once he left, it was a scream for all.  but when he came home, she settled down.   hmmmmm, do we have a daddy’s girl ALREADY????     watchout!


4 Responses to 21

  1. aunt barb says:


  2. Meredith says:

    Glad things are going well! I’m sure it was a very busy day for her!

  3. Uncle Bobby says:

    Ditto Aunt Barb, please post pics. I would love to see her.

  4. Lainey-Paney says:

    yep, sounds like a daddy’s girl already.

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