master of the house

well, jovie’s 4 weeks old…  and already she’s the master of the ‘ouse.  we are here to meet her every need.  (if only we really knew what she needed at that moment)…

but boy is she growing. and hopefully learning at a faster rate than her parents are.  i have been with jovie for her entire life minus 4 hours and i still don’t know the difference in her cries.  (and there are PLENTY).  i do know they’re different. but i can’t recognize them at the right time.  we have, however, learned to listen to her call sign:  the snort.  when she starts to snort, The Mr. noticed she starts to get riled up.

well, let’s see– she’s growing some eyelashes!  we both love ’em. and i’m surprised at how long the bottom lashes are.  i tell people they look like little venus flytraps. 

she doesn’t necessarily cry during a diaper change anymore.  however, she still needs to accept the fact that yes, she does need to put her arms through the sleeves.  we’re working on that.

she’s more alert these days … which is a double-edged sword.  but it’s fun to watch her watch me & other things of interest now.  for longer than a millisecond.

& she’s on the verge of smiling.  she gets so much pleasure in the littlest things.  she’s very intent on the door or whatever she sees behind me over my shoulder.

so the past 4 weeks have certainly not been boring.  hope she agrees!


2 Responses to master of the house

  1. aunt meggieweggie says:

    sounds like things are progressing sounds like alot of fun you all are having cannot wait to meet the little bean finally. Give her a kiss from her aunt meg and enjoy her she will grow fast

  2. Lainey-Paney says:

    My husband was always soooooo good at knowing the different cries. Me? Not so much. I just knew that when I heard my child cry, my boobs got hot & rock hard. After that, I was like a human milk sprinkler. So, if Gage cried, I was always right there trying to throw a boob in his mouth.

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