6 weeks update

i don’t really have a ton to report.  we have learned/confirmed that jovie IS a daddy’s girl.  there are some fussy times in the evening after dad comes home. but when he picks her up, she’s fine.

we had some opportunities for walks in the n’hood with the milder weather this past week.

have tried to start  some semblance of a night routine.  lucky for us, she is still sleeping well thru the night.  from 10-11 until 4-6am and then again til 8-10!

she’s been napping in her crib.  which brings me to a re-enactment.

we are astounded by the ability she has to move already.  in all my other nieces & nephews (28), i don’t recall this happening.  then again- i didn’t live with them (duh) so maybe jovie’s not so special; but i did get a kick out of this:    

of course, when i wanted to get the camera, jovie was already crying to get up. and since she went down w/o a fight and slept, i didn’t have the heart to make her wait.   so, later, i used ZigZag to re-enact the naptime experience.       

I know those aren’t the pics you want to see, so here’s one of the big 6 week old.  Also be sure to check out the “Jovie Pics” link above if you aren’t satisfied.


Thanks Aunt Barbara for the cute outfit!


4 Responses to 6 weeks update

  1. Lainey-Paney says:

    it’s amazing what little wiggle-worms they can be!

  2. Meredith says:

    Little Elvis was also a big Daddy’s boy as an infant. A switch occurred at some point, and he’s now a big Mommy’s boy.

  3. aunt meggieweggie says:

    she is a beautiful baby Michelle like daddy always said about his grand kids she is a keeper hope to see ya soon and love ya lots

  4. Uncle Bobby says:

    Hi Chelle,
    Finally we get to see her. She is beautiful. You both did a “great” job. Keep up the hard work, there is plenty of joy still to come.
    Hope to see you at Christmas.

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