a week shy

Wow! we’re a week shy of being 2 months old.  that sounds so…. official.

We had another outing.  this time to some friends’ house.  we warned amy & kenny… but jovie did pretty well.  we did get to eat dinner while she sat in her bouncy seat. other than that, she was held the whole time.  but the day all in all was also very good.  lots of good play time.  plus the trip over to their house was long, and she didn’t cry!

today is also a good day. she even took a nice long nap. (rare) and has been awake and happy for most of the afternoon.

she’s growing her eyebrows.  and her receding hairline is starting to fill in.  both The Mr. & i are surprised at how light her hair is.  in some instances, it even looks strawberry.  it’s a lighter brown than i think mine is; and his is black.  so we are surprised.

unfortunately, her eyes do not appear to be turning brown.  they’ve pretty much stayed their dark grey… i know there’s still plenty o’ time there.  but with her lighter hair, i’m doubtful.

we’ve gotten a few more smiles.  we discovered she likes baby einstein. she’s having a pretty good time w/ the mozart one.  and when Daddy watched her watch it, he was amazed b/c she was actually watching it!  complete w/ a laugh!  tho i’m not convinced it’s a true laugh yet. it still seems so accidental; there’s no smiling involved.  so—- we don’t know if it goes in her babybook or not. 

The Mr. is a champ when it comes to holding her and getting her to sleep.  i used to nurse her and put her right down. but she’s been fighting that lately; so Dad takes over after she eats.  then she sleeps through the night!  Great for us.  not great for my mild case of mastitis. 

so- 7 weeks old.  and we’re all still barely alive!

p.s. the pictures in the 6 week update were a PAIN…. & they aren’t quite right.  we can’t fix it.  not sure when the next round will come….  so enjoy those when you need your jovie fix.


2 Responses to a week shy

  1. Meredith says:

    Glad things are going well and you are figuring each other out! Little Elvis is a blond-ish brown (heavy on the blond.) Bob and I both have dark brown hair, but Bob’s was light as a child. Little Elvis’ eyes were a dark blue and began to turn at about 12 or 14 weeks. My pastor’s son’s eyes didn’t completely change until he was more than a year!

  2. Lainey-Paney says:

    happy 2 months.

    At Gage’s doctor appointment when he was…I dunno 18 months or 24 months…I finally just asked the pediatrician about Gage’s eyes.
    “Look, I know this sounds silly—-but, what color are his eyes? I can’t tell. Are they light brown? Are they green? Are they grey-green? Are they hazel? If I had to report my child as missing, what color would I say????????”
    He has hazel eyes.
    No wonder I couldn’t freakin’ tell. They change with various surrounding colors.

    ….clearly, I was fairly patient with the whole eye color thing….

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