new job

in honor of labor day, let’s discuss this new job.   so- for those of you who don’t know, i have my 2nd new job in a year.  it’s called mom.  specifically, the stay-at-home kind.  blog dorks use the initials:  SAHM.  so that’s me.

can’t say i don’t enjoy meaningful & challenging jobs.  from 1st grade teacher to the American Cancer Society to mom. 

unfortunately, this one doesn’t come w/ sick days.  which would’ve come in handy last week.  there’s no guaranteed lunch break… which is worse than when i was teaching. at least then i knew i had 20 minutes.  and, much like teaching, there isn’t a restroom break. 

i’m sure this job will come with its own perks & bonuses.  i look forward to that.  already we’re seeing that sometimes she’s a lot of fun!

while we’re on the subject, we can think of jovie’s job.  daddy’s ready for her to start earning her keep and allow him to retire early.  she’s giving some indication to what she may be when she grows up. and now that we have her social security number (!), she’s ready to go.

  • well, there’s opera singer. anyone who’s witnessed her lung capacity can see that.
  • or maybe she’ll be a rapper…  she likes to throw her gang signs. particularly when she’s feeling upset about the state of her world. 
  • she may decide to work for loreal or maybeline and become an eyelash model for a mascara commercial.  she could probably do that now. (but we think she’s too young for makeup)
  • now that she has learned to scream (yes, scream!), maybe a horror film actress will be her calling.
  • if anyone makes money for being a rock climber, she may choose that w/ her “crawling up mom & dad’s belly” ability.
  • she may choose to become an editor for baby einstein videos.  that’s capturing her attention these days.

not even 2 months old; guess there’s still a little more time to decide….


2 Responses to new job

  1. Meredith says:

    I understand the need for sick days. I do. And I think the jobs you’re finding for her seem great.

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