keep ’em in check

well, little jovie doesn’t know how to keep her emotions in check.

and it cracks us up!   she’s adorable when she turns her pout into a frown w/ pursed lips and has a timid cry.  however, it escalates into her full-out wail!  but at first it’s cute.

and our absolute favorite is when she’s having back time or watching baby einstein & she’ll laugh.  we’re not positive any of this is for real… tho earlier this week, she laughed at what daddy was doing. i think that was her first REAL laugh.   but what we think is hilarious is when she’ll chuckle. then laugh.  then start to cry.  it’s like she doesn’t know what she’s feeling….

at this very moment she’s engaged with her crib toy which is a mirror and a little bit of music if she hits it hard enough.  today’s the first day she’d pay attention to it.  (it doesn’t help that she’s never in her crib on her back).

today i noticed that she started to push up with her hands while on her belly.  earlier this week we noticed she’d raise her head/neck.  but now she’s using her arms.   all this belly time is why i make sure she gets back time each day.  usually she does that w/ The Mr. and he makes silly noises at her to keep her interested and smiling.

still no good smiles on film yet…  just can’t seem to capture them. it’s like she knows the camera is there. 

yesterday i brought her out and about to take my work things back to work.  she was good (b/c i made dad meet us there so he could hold her).

she’s 8 weeks old today!  you’d think i’d have a clue by now……….


6 Responses to keep ’em in check

  1. Kelly Potter says:

    Sounds like you have more than of clue than you think. Happy babies say it all! I still can’t wait to meet her!

  2. Meredith says:

    Sounds like she’s doing well. And those smiles are hard to catch!

  3. Anonymous says:

    We need more Pics of Jovie!

  4. aunt barb says:

    that was me asking for more pics.

  5. Tom says:

    Definitely need some more pictures! You can’t possibly take enough right now, she’s only getting older. 🙂

  6. […] her chuckle sounds before she starts crying.  that let’s us know she’s a little […]

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