9 weeks old

so, little bean is definitely growing!  ’twill be interesting to go to the dr. tomorrow to weigh her.  i think by my arms and back hurting, well over 13lbs…  we’ll see.

not a ton to report.  but i do try to update on her “birthday” each week.

so we went to the park again.  dis.as.ter!  so she’s been to the park 2ce in her 2 months!  we liked it better when she slept.  we thought she’d do well, too.  b/c saturday we were going to expose her to publix again. (dis.as.ter! the first time) b/c we only had 2 things to get. in.out. easy.  but it was raining.  we did NOT want to deal with that on top of the trauma that was about to occur.  so after The Mr. dropped me off and stayed w/ her in the car, we decided to drive around.  she almost went to sleep, too!  but then i had to go and mention being thirsty.  so we stopped for some sodas and she went ballistic before i even went inside!

we did drive around some more. with me shoving the paci in her mouth and shushing her every minute and a half, she was calm.  it gave us hope that we may actually not have to fear going to g’ville to visit gramma and grampa some day.

but then sunday happened, and oh god! she better be better by the time t’giving rolls around!!!!!

we’ve gotten a few more smiles.  much more alertness (at the expense of her not taking naps and getting overstimulated) and her eyelashes seem to still be growing. 

i really can’t think of anything else for the past week.

wish us luck at the dr. tomorrow.  i can’t wait to have her get a shot. common side effect:  fussiness!

how will i know THAT happened??  ha!


2 Responses to 9 weeks old

  1. aunt barb says:

    best of luck tomorrow. She is really a cutie. Hopefully the fussiness will go away soon. At least by next June when you take off for the weekend huh?
    Love ya

  2. Meredith says:

    Sorry the shopping trips aren’t going so well yet. Hopefully they will get better for you all and that the fussiness will calm down soon!

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