9 weeks, part deux

we had an outing today.  the first one i ever did by myself (that wasn’t a dr visit).   mom & daughter had an eventful time at walgreen’s.  yes. not the fanciest & coolest “mom & daughter” day.  but i guess i take what i can get.

very glad to report that she did great!  not a single tear until we left the store and i buckled her in.  that was short-lived. she either calmed down or slept (can’t see her) so i drove around and around and around since she was calm.  even when we came home, not a cry. 

come to think of it, it’s been about 4 hours and she hasn’t cried at all.  WOOHOO!!!


3 Responses to 9 weeks, part deux

  1. Lainey-Paney says:

    oh, did I ever tell you this?
    I wanted to spend a lot of my time off for maternity leave walking around the air conditioned mall to maybe help me walk off some baby weight. Well, I was so very intimidated about going there by myself. So, a friend of mine went with me, and the first thing we did was scope out family rooms/nice ladies rooms for nursing. I say ladies room… To me, nursing in the bathroom is just the worst! But…..at the mall that I frequented the most…my friend showed me the restroom at the spa in Neiman Marcus! They were soooo nice to let me go in there whenever I wanted to nurse—even though I wasn’t getting any spa stuff (I’ve never been to their spa…). So, in the restroom there, you go in through the first door to this comfy little waiting room area with nice comfy seating, and a big long table against a huge mirror. It was perfect. And, the toilet/sink part of the restroom was behind another door, so it was kind of like having a nice living room to nurse in, and then a large nice area to change Gage before we took off to walk some more.
    It just really helped to have someone with me the first time to scope out the layout avoiding stairs…where are the best family rooms?….and where are the elevators?…

    You’ll get the hang of it!
    It WILL get easier!

  2. Meredith says:

    I agree with Lainey Painey! It really will! You guys will figure each other out. I must admit, I did the bathroom thing, which I hated. But by the time Little Elvis was around 3-4 months old, I started scoping out the ladies rooms at our mall. The Lord and Taylor was the worst, by far (which I found odd) but I think our Macy’s had the nicest. It wasn’t as nice as Lainey-Painey’s but it helped. We also became fond of the family restrooms. Some were more like lounges — IKEA’s was the nicest in our area.

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