top 10 list

it’s been tense ten weeks! so to honor it, i thought i’d list the top 10 things we didn’t expect:

10. she’s a girl.

9. she’s so mobile.

8. how quickly she gains weight. (she weighs more than The Mr.’s bowling ball!)  we also haven’t seen her neck yet w/ all the rolls of fat she’s got!

7. the noises she makes… 2 of our faves- she snorts like a pig. & she sounds like a dripping faucet. 

6. how much, long, & severe she cries. 

5. how quickly she can go from happy to screaming bloody murder. for no reason. & with no warning.

4. how she defies every rule/idea given in multiple emails & books. (few car rides, swings, strollers for her)

3. how little she naps in the day.  (those emails & books say very differently)  [luckily for now she’s sleeping thru the night!]

2. how much we would have to hold her (see #s8, 6 & 5)

1. how especially cute she is!!


5 Responses to top 10 list

  1. Meredith says:

    She will only get cuter, if you can believe it. Hopefully you will find out what calms her. Little Elvis liked car rides and riding in his car seat on grocery carts. But sometimes those wouldn’t work, either. We would resort to singing “My Elvis Lies Over the Ocean” and it calmed him down pretty quickly. He will now calm down to most songs, but start up again as soon as they are over. Glad she’s sleeping through the night for you!

  2. Lainey-Paney says:

    Gage NEVER slept as much as they all said he would….

  3. Leanne says:

    Yah. She’ll get cuter and make stranger noises before she’s twenty. You’ll survive. Honest. You’re just going to be tired for the next ten years. Now, aren’t you glad I stopped by?

  4. […] however, if you know us in person, you know that the archives of this blog is quite mild compared to how things really were.  and if you’re not sure why we feel we needed to wait to take jovie out in public, then let me remind you of a few things.  […]

  5. […] sally wholeheartedly agreed, but then mentioned she may surprise us.  and for a fleeting second, i thought:  hmmm yeah. she probably will.  (she’s been known to do that a few times!) […]

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