real update

yesterday i decided to change the norm a little, but i know some of you (1 of you?) out there care about the goings on of the past week.

our dr.’s visit was last thursday and she is a complete porker! when i said she weighs more than The Mr.’s bowling ball, i wasn’t joking.  my friend laughed and said she weighs as much as a t’giving turkey!!  yes. she’s over the 14lb hump. ummmmmmm i asked the dr if i need to change anything & she is not in the least big concerned that she gained about 3lbs in one month!!!      (but she doesn’t have to hold her all day!)

during this visit, she got some of her vaccinations.  i was really worried she’d have some side effects. especially w/ the rotovirus vaccine; but it doesn’t appear that she did.  we go again next month to finish the round.  hope those will go well, too.  the shot (just one) didn’t appear to faze her; but then she was crying at that point anyway.  i didn’t enjoy it too much, but it wasn’t as bad for me as people would say.

on saturday, we got 1/2 of the visitors that were planned.  unfortunately, aunt jo-jo & michaela weren’t able to make it. we were all pretty disappointed.  but yay- g’ma & g’pa came!!!   they hadn’t seen her in WEEKS.  we dressed her all pretty for their arrival. 

when they came in, she was finishing eating & was very happy.  we watched her smile & talk for a little while.  of course, that’s very new to them, so they were thrilled!

then, g’ma & g’pa insisted The Mr. & i go to dinner to celebrate our 6th anniversary.  so we did. and it was very nice.  we went to a shmancy place that luckily was being paid for by The Mr.’s work.  (ain’t that great??)  i don’t think jovie minded 1/2 glass of wine.  i know i didn’t.

hmmmm, she’s quite aware still. & gives us more smiles & laughs.  we came home from the groc store & g’ma & g’pa watched her.  we thought we’d come in to some screams, but she was enthralled with the little toy g’pa had dangling while she was in his lap. 

she has consistently found her hand to put in her mouth.  the right one, specifically.  she hasn’t “found them” yet in the way of knowing they belong to her /watching them and all that, but i guess this is a start.

yesterday she was quite interested in the song “5 little monkeys”.  she stopped eating to watch me sing it.  got lotsa smiles from that. 

hopefully there will be more discoveries & activities to report next week.  thanks for stoppin’ by.

and before you barrage the comments section demanding some pix, here’s 2 g’ma took for us!



7 Responses to real update

  1. Lainey-Paney says:

    so, do you know the 5 little ducks song?
    our son loves it & it has hand gestures…

    5 little ducks went out to play
    over the hills & far away
    Mama duck called them,
    “quack, quack, quack!”
    But only 4 little ducks came running back!

    ….then you sing, counting down the ducks…

    …but NO little ducks came running back!

    No little ducks went out to play
    over the hills & far away
    DADDY duck called them,
    “quack, quack, quack!” (Daddy duck voice)
    And all FIVE little ducks came running back!


  2. Aunt Jo-Jo says:

    Both pictures are great! Michelle you looked real pretty too! I hated we did not come last weekend but you’ll get to know that Aunt Jo-Jo is a little strange, right Chelle? Anyway counting down til we come and visit and I pray you will be a good girl cooperating to show your mom and dad, I’m your FAVORITE! Be a good girl and we’ll see you soon. Love Aunt Jo-Jo

  3. Tom says:

    Great photos! Both link to the same larger one, though. 🙂

    Glad to hear Jovie’s doing well!

  4. Meredith says:

    She is beautiful! You make a great looking family! Glad you guys were able to get out for a date! And I’m glad she handled the vaccines well. Little Elvis once took a 3 hour nap in his crib after his vaccinations. I hated that he cried while he got them, but I felt so spoiled by that nap!

  5. Katherine Wells says:

    Love the pictures! Jovie is beautiful! And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!


  6. Aunt Stacey says:

    She’s so beautiful!!! We can’t wait to meet her!

  7. aunt barb says:

    She is so cute! I can’t wait to see her at Christmas. You look like you’re getting skinny, you go girl. Give Jovie a big kiss from me and tell her JO-JO’s not her favorite aunt, I am…LOL
    Love you

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