to borrow the great words of Michael Scott:  i’m not superstitious……. i’m a little stitious.

which is also true for me.  so i won’t say “finally!”, but i am very glad to see things are changing.  i’ve taught long enough to see that when i complimented my class & remarked what a great job/day/whatever… almost immediately they let their guard down and it all blows to pieces.  so- i won’t do that here.  but i will tell you that this past week has been markedly improved.  <the crowd roars!>

last thursday began a week of taking naps.  what??? you say.  that’s against her nature.  yes, i know!  and not just one nap a day, but 2 or more.  we’re not sure exactly what’s done the trick, b/c so many things were occurring at the same time:

  • dr. gave her zantac b/c she thinks she has “silent” reflux.  which may/not cause the discomfort at lying down (always needing us to hold her upright or bounce around)
  • i decided to put a dark sheet over her window to make it dark-  hey- she sleeps thru the night w/o waking us…  maybe she’s one of those kids.
  • i’m putting her down after only being awake for a short time.  when she shows first signs of being tired, or if she’s been up for 1 1/2 hours.  (a la dr. weissbluth)
  • i’m willing to listen to her cry.   first day- only 5 min here and 10 min there…  and today and yesterday not at all!   
  • she’s finding her hand. and she goes to town on that!!

 let me be clear here.  i’ve listened to her cry plenty over the past 11 weeks!  scream, cry, whatever!  even when i put her down.  it’s worked once or twice that she’d cry herself to sleep after 15 min or so.  but most times she’d work herself up so much that she’d be sweaty and clammy all over.  that’s when it’s too late.  so now, i’m trying to be proactive & she doesn’t get to that point.  b/c hearing that for 45 minutes is TOO much. for her & me.  and let’s not even talk about when The Mr. is home! 

so yay.  sleep begets sleep & also makes a happier baby. and tho i’ve had that book for a while, some of it we couldn’t really do till she was older.  i think that’s made a difference.  we don’t have to bounce and hold her for 2 hours to go to sleep now b/c she’s figuring out how to soothe herself. 

saturday, we had friends over to hang out & watch football.  that was fun.  she did a few coos for amy.  she went to bed very well so we could all enjoy the company and not have The Mr. walk/run/bounce upstairs for 2 hours.

sunday, we went back to the park.  drove all the way there, walked around for about 30min or so & drove all the way back.  not a peep!  ???  and she even stayed in her stroller and slept!    what??  i know!!!  (note to self: don’t gloat and sound proud…  stitious, remember?)

yesterday we walked in the n’hood to enjoy this gorgeous weather.

today we plan to venture to the big world of publix.  i need to pick up some things for dinner.  the first time was a horrible mess. but i know exactly what i’m getting. and it’s only 2 things.  so in & out.  i have all kindsa confidence in her.

she’s stopped to enjoy “twinkle twinkle” & seems to like her mockingbird song (my own version).  today was the first day i’ve gotten reaction out of “red is the color…[beautiful land]” which i’ve been singing to her since she was just a littlebean.

so why not wish upon a wishbone or pick a 4leaf clover… rub a rabbit’s foot & throw a horshoe over your lucky shoulder that all this will continue!


6 Responses to sssshhhhh……

  1. aunt barb says:

    Glad all seems to be getting better.
    Love you

  2. Meredith says:

    I’m glad she’s napping for you! The Weisbluth book helped us out as well. (We are HUGE Office fans! Last night, I was talking to Bob about a newsletter and said: “Question:…” I stopped and looked at him and said, “I just did a Dwight didn’t I?”

  3. aunt meggieweggie says:

    this is wonderful chelle she sounds like she is begining to know you all and your ways she is going to be a trooper I cannot wait to meat the little bean I guess I see alot of her progress through caralee and I can relate to what you are almost writing they are fun huh love you me

  4. Aunt Jo-Jo says:

    you are so clever in your writing, you make me laugh/smile. I sure hope Jovie takes after you in that respect…. well I love Ben’s humor too so she’ll have the best of both worlds! Can’t wait to see her and hope she continues to sooth herself and you and Ben can have some “quiet” time (not such a thing even when they are older). We’ll be in touch love to all….

  5. […] that trip to publix went fine. and we’ve been there again since.  also to walgreen’s and the bank.  today- we ventured to the BIG world of target!  we had daddy’s help.  he’s been working from home this week and she’s loved it!  […]

  6. […] that trip to publix went fine. and we’ve been there again since.  also to walgreen’s and the bank.  today- we ventured to the BIG world of target!  we had daddy’s help.  he’s been working from home this week and she’s loved it!  […]

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