dozen she look cute????

so, she’s a dozen weeks old today.  and it’s still going well.

that trip to publix went fine. and we’ve been there again since.  also to walgreen’s and the bank.  today- we ventured to the BIG world of target!  we had daddy’s help.  he’s been working from home this week and she’s loved it! 

according to our scale in the house, she’s not quite 16lbs yet.  but i know by the time we go to the dr in 2 weeks, she’ll be over that. 

we did have one fiasco where trimming her nails proved to be more than we could handle.  poor little baby was very brave while she bled all over daddy’s shirt.  we, however, were not as brave.  that was very much not fun.  dern those pesky nail clippers.  The Mr. noticed they are not any different than adults’.  very sharp. and when she moves as much as she does-  wow. it’s a challenge.   and now that she’s found her hands and that helps her to sleep, we can’t use the  mittens when her nails are too long.  so ugh.

more & more smiles and coos every day.  the picture above was rare footage of her playing w/ her playgym.  usually she just watches me.  she likes the little star that plays music.  she does get over-stimulated pretty easily. so we do still need to hold her when she’s done playing.  but that’s ok.

it breaks my heart <already!> that she is growing so much. the way she fits in her carseat and carrier on me…. oh no!  i’m the one who still calls yiminy & doh “kittens”.  yes. they’re 4 years old.  this poor girl… she’s in trouble with me!!!


6 Responses to dozen

  1. Meredith says:

    Glad she’s doing so well, and fingernail cutting is by far my least favorite parenting job. I used to wait until he was asleep because we never used the mittens.

  2. Aunt Jo-Jo says:

    OMG! How beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Mike was always in charge of the cutting of the nails since the first time I did it, yea I did the same thing, cut her and she bled, infact I think I still have the little bloody wash cloth still…(me sensitive?). Anyway Jovie count down has begun and can’t wait to see you and hold you. Only one week YEAH. You certainly are grown and seem to be happy and exploring your world. Can’t wait to see you have a great week. Tell your mom and dad to teach you how to count too. Love you. Aunt Jo-Jo

  3. Lainey-Paney says:

    some people say to clip their nails while they are sleeping.
    me? well, I never did that b/c I didn’t want to MESS with him possibly waking up!
    So, there are still even times when it may take me a week to get all 20 nails clipped by doing a few each day….

  4. Meredith says:

    Sorry it took me a while to respond back. Let me say that Little Elvis was a marathon feeder when he was an infant. He would gladly feed for 30-40 minutes on each side and take naps in between. So, once he fell asleep on one side, I would cover myself up, and then trim his nails on that side. Once he was ready for more, I would switch sides and wait again until he was asleep. This probably wasn’t the BEST idea, since by the time he was 7 or 8 months, the idea of napping anywhere but on Mommy was scary to him. But if Jovie likes to eat for extended periods of time, it might work for you.

  5. aunt meggieweggie says:

    beautiful thats all i can say love you all

  6. bockiwhite says:

    i bite Ansley’s nails off. kinda gross, but much less invasive and hardly any blood.

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