let’s not forget

  1. the way she makes her sigh “hoo!” ; particularly after a bout of crying.  that’s a sigh of relief!
  2. the way she lays w/ her right thumb & finger(s) in her mouth, with her left hand at her head- as if she’s been stroking her hair
  3. her pizza crust nose (that i miss)
  4. the “eyeshadow” she was born with on both eyes.  looks symmetrical.  i see it starting to fade.
  5. the upsidedown question mark looking thing on her forehead – a la spanish harry potter
  6. the accidental hugs she gives me when i’m holding her on my shoulder.  she curves one arm around my neck and sometimes just gives it the slightest of squeezes.  while her other arm is wrapped around my upper arm.
  7. the way she looks like a turtle when i pull her up to burp her.  “turtle turtle turtle”
  8. the way she purses her lips in the tightest way when she refuses something.  (i miss that)
  9. the way she makes such a cute pouty fussy frown to show she’s disgruntled.
  10. making her chuckle sounds before she starts crying.  that let’s us know she’s a little wary.
  11. the adorable sounds she makes when she coos.  and watching her form these sounds… the way she shrugs her shoulders & blinks her eyes to wide & cocks her head in such a way.
  12. the adorable toothless grin she gives when she’s happy.  especially after a contented nap. 
  13. the way her eyes startle open wide when she hears an unexpected sound (like Daddy talking when i’m feeding her & she can’t see him) .  she looks at me to say:  “what was that, exactly?”  her confusion is adorable. she usually breaks into a smile when she sees that i say it’s OK.

she’s 13 weeks old;  3 months today.

i don’t EVER want to forget this!


4 Responses to let’s not forget

  1. Meredith says:

    I love the description of the hug! Very sweet.

  2. Tom says:

    You will really enjoy reading this 20, 30, 40 or so years from now!

  3. Uncle Bobby says:

    I just got caught up on Jovie’s life. Thanks Chelle for keeping the world updated, as it is the only way we get to know her. She is growing so BIG and BEAUTIFUL.
    Please give her a hug & kiss from us.
    Love & Miss you

  4. Lainey-Paney says:

    ditto Tom’s comments. you will enjoy revisiting this list in the years to come….

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