so, baby girl is another week older…
she was baptized on saturday, and we enjoyed having some family come down! amazingly enough, she-who-cries-all-the-time didn’t cry!
The Mr. held her while SITTING DOWN!!! and it was PAST HER NAPTIME. and then we had the audacity to poor COLD WATER on her head!!! not a peep. she chowed down on her hand the whole time. woohoo! 

i'm quiet this way.

we’ve taken a few more outings & she’s handling that sooo muuuuchhh betttterr. yay.

yesterday, she went back to the doctor for 2 more vaccinations. she gained a lot less weight this past month. but she’s 15 1/2 lbs. they didn’t tell me how tall she is. we have our next “real” appt at 4mos.
it was great, tho because we came home and i fed her and she slept on me. she hasn’t done that in a long time! so, for just an hour, i got my baby back.

she smiles at me, especially when i get her from a nap. that’s so much fun to watch.
and she’s still talking/cooing a lot.

for all the complaining we do about how heavy she is and she hurts our back/wrist— i’m gonna hate it when she wriggles out of me to crawl around on the floor!


2 Responses to update

  1. Rebecca says:

    Hi! Congratulations on the baptism! I’ve been busy with the job lately but I plan to write back to you soon. She is growing so fast but is so pretty! You should be proud!

  2. Meredith says:

    Glad to hear the baptism went well and that shopping excursions are going better. And crawling is just the cutest thing. You’ll love it, especially when she comes crawling to you smiling.

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