sweet 16

we’ve had a pretty busy week. or at least a busy few days.

gramma & grampa came for a visit this weekend.  they were in town for a nascar race that’s about 10 miles away from our house.  so The Mr. & i were luckily able to venture out of the house for dinner!  we went to one of our fave italian places- you know- the kind with the yummy bread that keeps coming.

according to g’ma & g’pa, jovie screamed pretty much the whole time was a joy.  

guess all that “joy” helped her to sleep, though. b/c she went to bed on the first try without much coddling. (??) and that was fantastic, since Dad promptly slept on the couch as we were all watching football.

sunday morning everyone got to see jovie’s new “trick”.  it’s called:  play coy with mommy.  everyone sat around her in her bouncy seat while i was eating my waffle and catching sight of her.  then she’d bust out the biggest smile.  repeat that about 15 times and we have a good morning. 

she does the same thing when i go in to get her from her naps.  she’ll raise up on her arms pretty good and peek over the crib rail (that we keep lowered…  guess that’ll change soon enough).  then she sees me and smiles and then just crashes down on her crib.  it’s so adorable.

also this past week, we had some firsts:

  • she ALMOST rolled over.  i showed her a new toy and she got all the way on her side. i gave her the bareliest of barely there nudges and she promptly fell over on her back.
  • she noticed her feet during a diaper change (but hasn’t noticed them since, really)
  • she started to notice & smile in the mirror. i can’t tell if she’s smiling at me or her. but i think it’s at her mostly…. esp when i tickle her feet.  

yesterday we had a big day…  we went to see Dad play indoor soccer for the first time.  it was good to get out of the house and visit with my friend amy while we were there.  jovie handled the car ride and hour long game very well!  even though it was bedtime.  another night w/ no fuss going down at all.

i guess sweet 16 is a good description of her right now.  let’s hope her 17th week will be as fun.

edited to add a picture.  The Mr. is berating me for not giving the public what they come here for….

so here’s a picture of Daddy’s Girl w/ Dad in front of an autumn tree.  incidentally i believe all those pretty colored leaves have fallen off and the same tree is as green as it is in summer!


4 Responses to sweet 16

  1. Meredith says:

    Sounds like an excellent week! And that you all are figuring each other out.

  2. gramma & grampa says:

    How could Jovie be anything but a joy? She was no trouble at all and we would do it all over again! Anyway, seeing her “tricks” and her cute smile was worth it- even better than NASCAR!

  3. Amy says:

    Jovie is just precious! I love that age…BenRuf, you are a natural with that babygirl…Hope all is well!

  4. Kelly Potter says:

    Love the pics! Glad “sweet 16” was good for all of you!

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