Costume Contest

I challenged Jovie to a Halloween costume contest this year and I’m happy to announce that I won!  Contestants were judged on the following categories:

  • Orignality: Tie
  • Scariest: Winner – Dad
  • Ugliest: Winner – Dad
  • Grossest: Winner – Dad
  • Costume With the Most Brains Sticking Out: Winner – Dad
  • One that Most Looks Like a Stunned Pumpkin: Winner – Jovie

Overall Winner – Dad!

Granted my costume isn’t that original – it’s really just my regular grubby clothes and the same old mask I wear every year, but neither was hers! 

Strangely enough, she seemed rather indifferent to the entire contest and it’s result, which makes it hard to gloat.  But it still feels good to win!

Good luck next year Jovie.

Parenting 101: Frightening your helpless baby is fun.

After the Contest Photoshoot

Even maniacal killers like myself need some downtime.


4 Responses to Costume Contest

  1. gramma & grampa says:

    The voting was rigged. Jovie should have won!

  2. Tom says:

    I noticed how the categories of “Cutest” and “Costume That Most Resembles a Baby” were somehow left out…. awfully suspicious!

  3. Lainey-Paney says:

    cute post.
    but I have to say….the baby IS cuter…

  4. bockiwhite says:

    these pics are so funny. y’all are too funny. reminds me that we need to remember to take the time to be funny. um Jovie and Ans need to meet SOON, i wanna hold them side by side and see how they look. maybe next month. wait what are y’all doing for t-day?

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