happy fall, y’all

The Mr. & i both love autumn.  i really hope that jovie will like this time of year as well. 

tho we’ve had a bit of a warm spell this week.  not too warm, but warm enough that we were able to put on a cute onesie outfit Gramma brought for her in the hospital.  it’s a size 6mos and she pretty much fits into it now; but now would typically be too chilly.  sorry to be a tease- but we don’t have a pic of her in it.  just trust me. she was cute yesterday.    i hate having her wear a cute outfit only once (or even nonce). 

we’ve been pretty spoiled b/c The Mr. has been working from home since last month (except fridays).  but this week he had to go in everyday but monday.  so it’s just been us girls again like in the old days.

so, to get out of the house, we took a couple of n’hood walks alone.  one was longer than the other.  but they were both pretty good this week.

she normally gets pretty testy toward the end.  so we never know where our turnaround point should be.  b/c she gets fussy w/o any warning.  one minute we think “hey! i could go all the way to carol’s house;” only to have her lose it once you get there…. then we have to come all the way back.

she didn’t lose it all the way this week, but a few distractions were needed yesterday so i wouldn’t have to pick her up and walk w/ an empty stroller (or subject the whole n’hood with the loudness that announces her displeasure).

one thing i’ve had to do is account for the change in time/sun placement. we obviously try to avoid having the sun directly in her eyes and apparently our house is due west b/c i’ve had to turn the stroller around and pull it behind me on our way home.  so she’s riding backwards.  at first that was a novel idea.  2nd time i think it confused her (which is the excuse i’ll use instead of telling all y’all she just morphed back into her normal demanding self) & she wanted to cry.  until i stopped to distract her. 

we do have another stroller that we could combat this situation b/c the canopy can move to suit your needs…but it involves her car seat and taking the stroller frame out of the trunk.  and putting it all back in b/c HEY! you never know when she’ll wanna cry  take a walk at the park.

we try to take her out as much as we can. and going to the park is a weekend ritual for us; however we never know if we can actually get out of the car once we’re there.  i bring my camera almost every time in the hopes that something cute will happen.  but i think our focus should be hoping that something involving a stroller will happen.  and when that does, we both just stroll along and hold our breath for fear that exhaling will disrupt her peacefulness. 

sometimes she forgets that she likes to be outside!

here’s to enjoying the rest of autumn!


2 Responses to happy fall, y’all

  1. BARB says:

    The Pic tease was mean!
    can’t wait to see you guys at Christmas
    Love, Barb

  2. Meredith says:

    I’m glad that walks are getting easier. I also feel so guilty about the outfits that Little Elvis kind of wore once… maybe.

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