jovie turned 4mos old on sunday.  she’s 18 weeks today.  here’s what’s been goin on:

sunday- we went to stone mountain.  we wanted to do this for a few reasons:

  1. this trip is about 45 minutes away. we’re about to venture out for thanksgiving- about 2 1/2 hours away.  we needed to “practice”.  not only jovie, but us.  we needed to see what we could withstand.
  2. we wanted to get out of the house and enjoy the autumn-ness.
  3. her baby book has a place for “first long car ride” & “first overnight visit”… i didn’t want our trip to greenville to be listed twice.

we were pleasantly surprised!  after about 15 min in the car, she did do her typical scream my guts out till somebody holds me already & i really thought The Mr. would turn around.  there was no consoling her.  but after about 10 min of that (maybe even less) she wiped herself out and quieted down.  she started to sleep some but then we were there.  she let us stroll her around for awhile.  and then we put up the stroller & carried her.  we even threw a blanket on the grass & pulled out a few toys.  for about 5min.  but it was a good time.  & she slept the whole way home, too.


sunday (still)- needless to say whatever we can consider her “schedule” was off-kilter & in the afternoon she refused to nap.  tired as she was, she fought us like in the old days.  The Mr. & i were watching football & talking, though, so when she started to fuss some more i said to wait till we were done to go get her & give up on the nap.  however when we did go get her we saw that she had rolled over.  she hasn’t done it again since, but we knew it was going to happen soon…  she’s been wanting to!

monday- woohoo! she went down for all 3 naps w/o making a single peep.  & later that afternoon, i took her to target by myself. (that’s a first).  and i put her carseat on the buggy (another first) and she was SO good the whole time while i bought her some xmas jammies & a few cheap toys.  she may not be sick of the 4 rattles she plays with, but i certainly am. 

tuesday- we went to the dr. she had 2 more vaccines & so far, so good.  but wow- how she’s grown!  she is now 26.25 inches & 16lbs, 6oz.  she totally shot up in her height!  in fact, the nurse measured her twice.  she went from 76th to 96th percentile!  clearly she favors her daddy.

dr. told me to start baby-proofing.  i’m SO not ready for her to be mobile!  stay tuned…


3 Responses to 4months

  1. Lainey-Paney says:

    just got caught up on the past few posts….
    ….good luck on the upcoming car ride.
    Even now, Gage is unpredictable on road trips.
    So, parent to parent: may the force (read: Sleep Gods) be with y’all!!!!

    great job on venturing out… great job on venturing out to Target solo. I remember how intimidating it could be to get out with the baby all alone.

  2. Barbara says:

    Great pic of Ben and Jovie.
    Tell Ben to take some of you. Oh yeah, I bet he has and you just don’t post them, right. Well, next time we want pics of you and Jovie as well.

    Good luck going to G’ville. I’m sure she’ll do fine.

    See ya

  3. Meredith says:

    Sounds like you’ve had several good days! My parents took me to stone mountain when I was younger and I remember really enjoying the light show.
    Solo grocery trips are daunting, but they definitely get easier. Right when I felt like I was in a groove with the car seat on the shopping cart, Little Elvis was ready to ride in the cart. Now he won’t sit in it, but will stand in the big portion of the buggy. I guess he’s working on his balance, and giving my heart a good workout as well.

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