nrrd grrls

We’ve received many requests (and some threats) to post more pics.  More with Jovie.  More with Mommy and Jovie.  Less of Dad.   Ok, my feelings aren’t hurt.  My narcissistic ego is satisfied for now.

So how to respond to these requests?  I believe Abraham Lincoln said it best with: “Give ’em mo’ pics, yo!”.

If this was any cuter, I’d puke.018

Here’s Jovie and Mommy sharing a laugh. Probably at Dad’s expense.dscf1111

Jovie went to a playdate and things got out of control and she partied a little too hard. Here’s Mommy nursing her back to health. I honestly didn’t think I’d be dealing with these types of things until she was a teenager.



5 Responses to nrrd grrls

  1. Meredith says:

    Those pics are great! Mommy and baby look so cute together, and I LOVE the hat!

  2. Tom says:

    That first picture just about had me but I choked it back down. Definitely a cute shot! More photos are a good thing!

  3. aunt barb says:

    So cute Chelle. Thanks for posting for us out of townere.
    Love Barb

  4. aunt barb says:

    i mean out of townerS

  5. Kelly Potter says:

    She us SO cute! Thanks for the pics!

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