we have been parents for 21weeks (and a day) now.  we’re still alive.  and we even smile sometimes, too!  this last week was a lot of fun. 

as mentioned before, we were a little nervous about the thanksgiving holidays- and more specifically the trip itself.  it all ended up just fine.  with some trepidation we ventured out for a 3hour drive. she did well at first.  even went to sleep on her own w/o the screaming of the stone mountain trip.  she woke up around the time we were stuck in traffic and wanting to be fed.  after we managed to find a spot to feed her, she did get impatient and screamed the last HOUR of the trip.  once it was evident she wasn’t going to go back to sleep (the reason for said screaming), The Mr. & i entertained her with the alphabet song.  i know my ABC’s in sign language, and she was pretty enthralled at my fingers.  that was the last 10min before arriving.

that was the only stressful HOUR of the trip.  my biggest concern was that she wouldn’t be able to sleep in new surroundings in a portacrib. but she did just fine!  & there were plenty of people there to hold her.  

we had some playtime, where she got to show off her skills of squealing & smiling.  she was in a new swing she seemed to like.  got to explore a new bouncy seat that had toys closer to her to play with.  we took a walk w/ gramma & grampa.  we got to watch grampa’s fish.   we even got to all eat as a family; and not in shifts.  she stayed in the bouncy seat during dinner. 

the ride home was (thankfully) less eventful.  we kept waiting for the screams, but she never got over-fussy.  all in all she did well.

this past week, we’ve enjoyed some other firsts:

  • the squealing i mentioned.  she’s always been a screamer. but now she does it for conversation.  JOY. 
  • she learned how to blow raspberries.  which gives her more drool to work with. 
  • she has finally discovered yiminy (one of our “kittens”).  she watches him as he walks by or wags his tail nearby.  with this, yiminy has paid a little more attention to her. i’ve noticed he comes and sniffs her a little more.  or sits close to me while i am feeding her.
  • saturday, The Mr. & i witnessed her rolling over (again in the crib!). it was quite unexpected, and when we both cheered for her, she didn’t seem to mind or get startled.  she just stared at us (upside down).  i can only imagine what she was thinking.
  • sunday, we actually had very real laughter, and even caught it on video!
  • she’s trying to get used to her babyseat.  that’s hilarious to watch.  she puts both arms out like a tightrope walker for balance.

here, i leave you w/ a picture of jovie with gramma.  (i never cleared it w/ gramma for me to post pics of her; but surely she won’t mind- all you see is her hair.  thus, she can keep her anonymity.  we wouldn’t want everyone at the library to hound her for autographs.) 



3 Responses to twenty-one

  1. Lainey-Paney says:

    I’m sure the grandparents (her great-grandparents, right???) were just eating her up!
    congrats on survival for the first 21+ weeks!

  2. Katherine Wells says:

    Hi Friends! So glad to hear that Thanksgiving was good. I loved that video of Jovie laughing and you saying whatever it was you were saying. Kasey and I were both laughing. I see Mrs. Ruf as the library sometimes as I have been tutoring there once a week, but haven’t had the nerve to say anything! I’ll just have to ask her about Thanksgiving with Jovie next time I’m there! Talk to ya’ll soon!


  3. […] little while to meet her cousin sophia! we haven’t seen Stacey & Dave since jovie’s first trip to greenville for thanksgiving.  my, how things have changed: somethin' tells me they don't get too many LEAVES in […]

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