5 months & counting

speaking of counting…. jovie STILL loves the song “five little monkeys”.  i routinely use this as a distraction from whatever may be bothering her.  we find it pretty funny that she can be mid-cry/scream/fuss & when i begin singing it, she instantly calms down.  of course, when i stop at, oh, monkey #3, she fusses again.  so i start again & she stops again.  should i be teasing her like this for my own amusement??

other distractions she still enjoys:  itsy bitsy spider, and “apples & bananas**”.  she smirks when i begin with “i like toooooooo eat, eat, eat…”.  which shows she may recognize it enough to anticipate it.  a random thing i do to distract her is i play with my hair.  i’ll comb it w/ my fingers & put it in a ponytail… she’s fascinated.  not sure if the’s the hair or the hands & what they can do. 

i also find it interestingly funny that she is still perplexed by my laugh.  which we do more & more. 

**apples & bananas is the funnest song out there.  i’ve introduced it to my first graders, as well as 2 of my nieces/nephews…   if you’re looking for a new fun song to sing to your wee one you should try this one.  [i noticed the link only used long sounds; can use short sounds as well]


One Response to 5 months & counting

  1. Meredith says:

    It’s funny the songs they like. “My Little Elvis lies over the ocean” still calms Little Elvis when he gets super cranky. Hopefully five little monkeys will continue to work for you!

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