dining out

last tuesday, jovie was 22 weeks, 6 days, & 13 hours old when The Mr. & i finally were brave enough to take her to a restaurant.  we took her to chick-fil-a because:

  • –  i was dying to try the chocolate mint shake they have
  • –  we knew it would be a quick eat
  • –  she IS a georgia girl*. 

she did very well!  and santa cow even came over. she didn’t care at all.  we weren’t there even 30 minutes.  & by the end she needed dad to distract her with toys.  but it was a VERY GOOD start!  normally her first experiences are scary to her.  we’ve been trying to go out a lot to get her OK with being in the car.  and it’s worked.  and she’s been much better lately, but still- it coulda gone either way!

we’re not really the “take our baby to restaurants” type.  so these experiences will likely not be a common occurence.  however, it was very nice that she cooperated. i have hopes she’ll continue to cooperate next time i want that DE-LISH milkshake!  annnnnd, since we’ll be in columbia, SC in a few weeks— Rush’s, here we come!

*there are 3 things i’ve noticed that happen when you live in GA. 

  1. you like chic-fil-a
  2. you like coke… real coke. not just the southern term for ALL soft drinks.  because, yes- it’s true. when you offer a southerner a coke, they’ll ask “what kind?”   
  3. if you were not already a fan of a particular team, you like the braves.

god we’ll miss Pushing Daisies! the words in italics was my little homage.


2 Responses to dining out

  1. Meredith says:

    I’m so glad she did so well! Yay for Jovie! And the coke thing isn’t just for Georgia, it’s the same for Mississippi. I used to expect people to ask me which kind, and would get frustrated when I got a coke instead of a diet coke. I also hate getting the Pepsi option – am a true southern girl!

    As for Pushing Daisies, I am so sad. I want to see where the whole George Hamilton thing is going! Do you think someone else will pick it up? ABC keeps picking up every other networks’ sloppy seconds, maybe NBC should get Daisies.

  2. Lainey-Paney says:

    I so ditto #1 (you like chick-fil-a), and #2 (coke? what kind?).

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