merry merry

just an update to let everyone know that we have indeed survived the christmas holiday!  we hope you enjoyed your time with your families and friends.  sorry i missed posting last week.  i actually had a “24” themed post rolling around in my head; as she turned 24 weeks on the 24th.  but with it being christmas eve—  well we even got too busy to do that.

we had a nice christmas.  jovie’s gramma, grampa, & uncle nate came to visit on xmas eve.  we had xmas here.  The Mr. was fantastic in helping make breakfast & dinner.  on friday, we went to g’ville (to g’ma & g’pa’s) to break up our first trip to columbia to see my family & my bff.  spent the night in our first hotel & back thru g’ville to home on sunday.

truthfully,  she handled things a lot better than expected.  christmas morning she even participated in opening one or two gifts herself.  we spent the day hanging out.  i guess i’ve learned what 2 cokes can do to a baby.  xmas night she didn’t feel good (oops) & was up every 2-3 hours!

so while in g’ville, g’ma & g’pa let us go out to dinner.  she apparently cried like crazy for about 45min.  it was hard calming her down when we came home, but finally after about 15min, she did.  & then slept with no problem. 

the next day we went to columbia to meet a zillion people & have xmas with my family. we knew it would be difficult.  no ability to put her down for a nap and all that jazz…  she did sleep in Daddy’s arms for about a half hour.  since she was being held (and held and held), she did fine with all the people around.  surprisingly, after a long day, she was in a very good mood on the way to the hotel.  i got her to laugh most of the way there.

she did better than we thought she would sleeping in the hotel.  and the drive from cola to g’ville wasn’t too bad.  there she napped & i fed her (then i got to go eat lunch w/ The Mr.’s parents while he stayed home with her).  we even took a 30 min. walk w/ her in the carrier before we left to come back home. 

car rides are not the most fun w/ jovie.  on the way home, i had to sing and entertain her for literally 2 hours. without stopping.  i did the “name game” with her for everybody in our families.  that’s including spouses and her cousins (60people on my side alone)…  that’s a lot of “banana fana”. 

we’re all glad to be home in our own cribs and are even more glad to know that we are not going to be traveling again anytime soon. 

i guess the highlight is that santa brought jovie a baby einstein dvd (we’ll watch later) & an exersaucer.  she’s still deciding if she likes it.



3 Responses to merry merry

  1. aunt barbara says:

    Cute Chelle,
    It was good seeing you guys. What a cutie Jovie is. Sorry I didn’t get to hold her. I was sick on Friday and still not feeling my best when we saw you. Glad you made it home ok.
    Love Barb

  2. aunt meggieweggie says:

    was great meeting Jovie she is a boll baby the visit was good with everyone miss you guys already hopefully we will see you before next Christmas LOL

  3. Meredith says:

    Little Elvis had that same Santa hat last year! I bet she will like the exersaucer, and it’s a great way to get a little break from holding. I liked to cook or clean while Little Elvis made merry in his. Glad you guys had a great Christmas.

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