one half

today marks jovie’s 6mo birthday.  she is officially a half year old.  no other time in her life is “one half” a big deal. 

i mean, do we really care when we make it to “one half  of forty??”  or yippee- i’m halfway to 60!  ??

i do know it won’t be much longer where she will proudly declare that she is ___ and a half!  if she’s a math whiz, she’ll probably also argue when she is ___ and 5/6th.

i vividly remember when i was pregnant with her at 20 weeks.  i joked that she was “half baked”  but now she’s made us go half crazy.  tho’ luckily, she’s half as fussy as she was.  still, i don’t think i even know half of what i’m doing!! 

we’ve enjoyed the past month or more— she’s pretty funny now.  i joke w/ everyone that we have an understanding and that she won’t be older than 6mo.  The Mr. wants to fast forward to when she’s like 10.  (ha! boy does he have a lot to learn, huh??  let’s use this blog to “mark his words”…  b/c i bet it will be quite different.)  Me?  i’m enjoying what i’ve got.  i’m acutely aware of how some things have already been changing.  let’s not forget, i’m the one who still calls our pets “kittens”. 

i know as she gets older, i’ll enjoy what she’s doing then, too.  but right now- i’m loving one half. 

she’s one half The Mr. & one half me.  but she’s twice as cute!



4 Responses to one half

  1. I love her ribbon- her outfit is sooo cute & she looks adorable- love the up date on her ageing!!!hehe- love the web!grandma Katie& marshall ENJOY every minute with her!

  2. Meredith says:

    Very cute! And a funny post. We’re huge dorks and had a 1/2 birthday party for Little Elvis. Instead of birthday cake, he got to try bananas for the first time.

  3. Aunt Jo-Jo says:

    sooo cute! Love the bow and glad to see her beautiful eyes wide open with a 1/2 smile. Great seeing y’all for Christmas can’t wait for next Christmas where she’ll be loads of fun!!!!!!!! Love you Jovie…. Aunt Jo-Jo

  4. aunt meggieweggie says:

    she is beautiful and I am glad she is eating food I bet she does like it keep up the good work guys it get easier

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