food, glorious food!



now that jovie has reached the 6mo mark, The Mr. & i decided to give her her first taste of food.  i know some of you out there have fed your baby at 4months (some even sooner).  but truthfully, neither one of us was ready.

the doctor said at that 4mo appt that i can feed her “if i want”.  i was surprised to realize it wasn’t based on anything in particular.  the books and emails these days say to introduce solids b/t ages of 4 & 6 months.  i always just assumed it was based on each kid individually.  —you know, like those other milestones.  and how in one sentence, your baby should be grapsing/babbling/crawling/talking.  but  in the next it says “or not”.—

however, tho she’s always had good head control, it wasn’t until fairly recently that she would hold it upright for a long time.  and sitting w/o slumping. and keeping her tongue in her mouth. 

also- i was expecting her to reject food for awhile. b/c  other than her hand, she really doesn’t like to have anything in her mouth for longer than a nanosecond.  teethers?? not yet.  i assume when she’s in pain and they feel comforting she may hang on to them for longer than she does now.  & she’ll grab a toy. immediately mouth it and make a face and spit it right back out….only to repeat the same move a few more times before tossing it.

and i wasn’t ready.  feeding her (nursing) is so easy/convenient.  now it’s bibs, spoons, high-chair, washcloth… and undoubtedly more laundry. (have i mentioned the raspberries!?!?)

still, on saturday, we gave her her first lunch.  and everyday since.

in true jovie fashion, the first day didn’t really hold her attention.  she did fine, though.  just ate a tiny bit.  at least she didn’t wail the whole time.  but of course on the 2nd day, she did a little better.  made some cute yucky faces and lots of puzzlement faces.  by monday, she had this thing down pat.  she smiles when i open my own mouth and say “aaahhh”.  and she ate the whole bit that i made.

pretty soon i guess we’ll introduce her to more than just rice cereal.  that’s when the real fun will begin.


4 Responses to food, glorious food!

  1. Meredith says:

    I’m glad she’s enjoying the rice cereal! It looked and smelled so yucky to me, but I guess it’s good to babies. The feeding can be lots of fun, though. At first….

  2. aunt barbara says:

    She is so cute. I can’t belive she is 6 months.
    See you soon.

  3. Lainey-Paney says:

    I can just picture it.
    Oh, how I miss feeding Gage in his high chair….

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